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Dian Lamitan is one of the main antagonists of Amaya. She is the wife of Datu Bugna. She is violent to Amaya due to her being Bugna and Dal'ang's daughter. The Rajah later found out that she was the reason why Bugna died, why Marikit succumbed to mental illness, and why Amaya got flayed of her status as a binukot - and so he stripped Lamitan of her status as a Dian. She was sentenced to be an uripon for the rest of her lifetime but regained her status when her ally Angaway became the new Rajah of the Puod. She declares herself the hara of the puod when Angaway died. She deeply believes that the Diwata Malandok is guiding her. It is revealed that when she was just a binukot, she dreams of being a full pledged warrior. She promised that she will not be defeated by anyone especially Amaya, not until her left hand was being cut by Amaya to weaken her. She escaped the puod when Hilway prophesied about her Horrible Death. Only Mantal knows about her illness. She is captured by her own daughter Marikit and Abrahm and they bring her to Bagani and Amaya so that they prepare the execution for Lamitan to the public. She is being punched, whipped and hurt by the people of puod, however she grabs Alunsina as her hostage and escapes. However, she witness Amaya's power by walking herself into the bay as she is being devoured by a giant sea creature Bakunawa which is summoned by Amaya to death to put an end of Lamitan's evil scheme. In her afterlife in the sulad, she is punished by the spirits of Bugna, Binayaan, Awi, and Lingayan.


  • Dian Lamitan can be considered as the darker opposite of her stepdaughter & archenemy Amaya.
  • Some of Dian Lamitan's aspects are very similar to Lady Tremaine, particularly how they abused their stepdaughters, treated their husbands badly (Dian Lamitan manipulated Rajah Mangubat into killing Bugna, as well as blackmailing him several times; Lady Tremaine is believed to have killed Cinderella's father) & have their own daughters have an aligned marriage to a monarch to gain a higher status in society.
  • Dian Lamitan is considered as one of the greatest drama villains of all time in GMA TV series. Even her actress Gina Alajar was nominated as the best villainess of 2011.

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