Dib Membrane

Dib in the invader Zim intro.

Dib Membrane is the main antagonist in the Nickelodeon television series, invader Zim, besides Dib always trying to save Earth. He is a young boy (11-13 years old) who's number one occupation is being a paranormal investigator. He is constantly trying to prove to the people of Earth that one of his classmates (Zim) is an alien (which he is). Unfortunately for him however, everyone thinks he is crazy, even when he shows them his countless evidence of Zim being from outer space.  


Dib's first (canon) appetence was in "The Nightmare Begins", the first episode of invader Zim, were he first meets Zim and they instantly become lifetime rivals. Dib lives with his ignorant father, Professor Membrane, and his "scary" sister, Gaz. His father is a well known scientist whom is never home, and when Dib and Gaz do get to see him, it is only a holographic version of him. Gaz however, is always playing a video game (specifically "Game Slave"), and is quite ignorant as well. The reason many people consider her "scary" is because whenever somebody annoys her or tries to distract her from her game, she says lines like "I will destroy you.", and the creator of invader Zim (Jhonen Vasquez) has confirmed her the most dangerous character on the show. Dib often fails trying to convince the world that Zim is an alien, however, whenever Dib fails, there is always some kind of misfortunate event for Zim as well, therefore, they both loose.  


  • In the Globs of Doom video game, he joins Syndicate then he become a real Villain. 
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