Full Name

Dieter Stark




To kill and sell dinosaurs, and make money off of it.


Gets killed by a pack of Compsognathuses for his evil actions.

Dieter Stark is the secondary antagonist of the 1997 film, The Lost World: Jurassic Park. He is an InGen worker and top hunter.

He was portrayed by Swedish actor Peter Stormare.

Role in the film

He captured dinosaurs including a T. rex buck, brining them to a San Diego attraction owned by Peter Ludlow.

He was disrispected by his arch-rival Roland Tembo, bitterly disliking him and plotting to ruin his sucess. He took every chance to kill dinosaurs, but he will not succeed.

When the protagonists secretly set the dinosaurs free behind his back, Tembo sees that Stark has plotted the hunt plan all along, to kill dinosaurs and their babies, but he didn't even succeed. Tembo tells him it is the last time he will be in charge.

Then, when the hunters have to rescue the heroes, he briefly fights Nick Van Owen, distracting the crew from the dinosaur threat, and getting them to hunt the dinosaurs.

Later, he told a soldier he is going to find the restroom, but he actually went to kill the Compsognathuses (called Compies), secretly behind Tembo's back. He did this to make sure that he will succeed instead of Tembo, and that Stark will hunt them if Roland doesn't follow him. If Roland follows him, he will not be allowed to hunt. However, the Compies have swarmed on him, finally knocking him on the ground, and killing him, ready and steady to eat his remains.


Stark was sadistic, cruel and scheming. He attempted to succeed all along and be the best hunter, stealing Tembo's rank in hunting. He was also cruel towards the dinosaurs, notably the Compies. However, his plan backfired due to a dino strategy, causing his death.


  • He is the head of the hunters, under Tembo's command.
  • His death is based off of John Hammond's death in the novel.


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