Dimitri Petrov (simply known as The Warden) is the main antagonist of Fleeing the Complex. He is the warden of the maximum security prison The Wall, from which Henry has to escape from.

Fleeing the Complex

This is a multiple choice and ending game.

In the teaser trailer for Fleeing the Complex he can be heard talking to one of his underlings, possibly Gregory showing interest in Henry because of his many past crimes. Together they decide to have Henry captured. At the start of the game he confronts the captured Henry, threatening him with a very long sentence at The Wall.

When Henry attempts to escape, he has a run in with the Dmitri on several occasions.

Presumed Dead Ending

During the “Presumed Dead” ending, Dmitri hears about Henry’s escape attempt and raises the alarm. He threatens his men not to force him to take matters into his own hand. When the truck in which Henry tries to escape falls over at the edge of a cliff, Dmitri confronts Henry there. He admits he’s impressed by Henry’s escape attempt, and orders him to surrender. When Henry fails to respond in time, Dmitri kicks the truck over the edge of the cliff and leaves Henry for death.

However, Henry survives in a hole in the cliff, but Dmitri doesn't take into account that there could have been an area under the overhang where a convict could possibly save himself by grabbing onto the rock. He then presumes Henry died, and goes away while Henry successfully leaves the area of The Wall.

Convict Allies

During the “Convict Allies” ending, after Henry and Ellie start a massive prison break, a very angry Dmitri confronts the two in the Yard, just when they are about to flee on a motorcycle. He tackles Henry to the floor and tries to hit him, but Ellie manages to get away and knocks the Warden out cold with a stop sign. Afterwards both she and Henry make it out of The Wall. It is unknown if Petrov survived the hit or not.

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