Full Name

Ding-Dong Commander


Expandable Crewman


To kill the Princess of Tibia and use deception on numerous other beings


Gets imploded to his death.

You know, I was thinking that after going to the movies, maybe we can covet some of my neighbor's oxen.
~ The Ding-Dong Commander deceiving the Princess of Tibia

The Ding-Dong Commander is the main antagonist in the Adventures in Odyssey episode, Hidden in My Heart: Star Trip.


He is the corrupt ruler of the Ding-Dongs. He traps the Captain, Princess, and Crock with the other Ding-Dongs, but the real Expandable Crewman lures them away so that the Princess, Captain, and Crock can escape through an open hallway. Unfortunately, the real Expandable Crewman is killed, and the Ding-Dong Commander disguises himself as the expandable crewman, and the beautiful, yet independent Princess of Tibia is deceived by his coveting. However, through temptation-detectors, the Captain, the Princess, and Crock find out that he is the Ding-Dong Commander, so they fire their scripture-phasers at him, and the detectors say a Bible verse: Exodus 20:17 - Thou shall not covet. The commander then gets frightened and reverts back to his true form just as he is imploded to his death.

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