Dirty Rat

Dirty Rat is the main antagonist of Lapitch the Little Shoemaker. A his name suggests he is a nasty rat and the archenemy of Lapitch, he was also a shameless thief and vagabond who also had a gang of equally gruesome clowns to act as his henchmen in the series: like many villains in children's stories Dirty Rat is quite proud of his "nasty" reputation and is likewise despised by almost everyone outwith his criminal gang.

Lapitch the Little Shoemaker (The Movie)

After a boy named Marco and his mother thank Lapitch for his help by supper, their conversation is eavesdropped by an awkward raccoon named Melvin, who immediately comes to his boss the Dirty Rat and tells him about a valuable treasure inside their house. After that Lapitch and his dog leave their house and at a rainy night they go search for shelter, they find a bridge that the Dirty Rat was in, he let's them stay only to steal Lapitch's boots at night. Later the Dirty Rat and Melvin are riding in a wagon, but Melvin falls off. Lapitch then gives Melvin the silver coin that his mother sent him, and upon having a change of heart quickly leaves. The gang then go to a circus and, As night falls, she reunites with her horse, Blanka , after hearing its neigh. But a nasty surprise awaits everyone: Dirty Rat makes a deal with Lisa's ringmaster in which he vows to reach Marco's house with a fast horse, and steal the family chest. Lapitch and friends plan to stop him for good when they hear this.Later on, they meet Master Scowler, whom Melvin has just rescued. Scowler tells them he was robbed and tied up in a tree for two days. They all set forth to put an end to Dirty Rat; Melvin gives them a hand, but his boss ties him and swings him out of the way. A determined Lapitch, guided by Yana and her wise advice, comes to terms with the villain's schemes. Dirty Rat is so enraged that his horse charges straight at the little mouse, about to trample him. At the last moment, a bolt of lightning splits the harness; the Dirty Rat and his cart fall down a cliff, encased in huge boulders and presumably died.

Lapitch the Little Shoemaker (TV Series)

In the spin-off TV series Dirty Rat is once again the main antagonist (but two episodes The Shoe Queen and The Great Slipper Slip Up he is secondary antagonist), having appeared in almost every episode where he always has a new scheme.

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