Full Name



Spirit of Disharmony


Spread chaos to Ponyville


Reforms and uses his magic for good

Discord is a main antagonist tuned anti-hero in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. He is the spirit of chaso and disharmony, and was turned to stone by Celestia and Luna before he was released. He later redeems himself and is occasionally helpful to the heroes of the series.

He is voiced by John de Lancie.



A thousand years ago, Discord was the ruler of Equestria, and caused chaos and disharmony for all those living under his rule. However, he was defeated when Princess Celestia and Luna used the Elements of Harmony to turn Discord to stone, a state in which he remained for centuries.


Centuries later, Discord was freed from his stony imprisonment as a result of Luna and Celestia no longer being connected to the elements. Once he was free, Discord immediately ran amok throughout Equestria, wreaking havoc. When the Mane 6 ventured into the Palace Labyrinth in search of the elements, Discord strips them of their powers, and subtly manipulates them into severing their connection with their elements, causing their personality to become their polar opposite. He finally manipulates Rainbow Dash into taking her wings back and flying back to Cloudsdale, breaking the rules of the game and allowing Discord to triumph.

Discord immediately plunged Equestria into chaos and disharmony, and reveals that he never said the elements were in the labyrinth. Twilight Sparkle and her friends find the elements and attempt to use them on Discord, but because Rainbow Dash isn't present, it doesn't work. Eventually, Twilight was able to restore her friends to their original state, including Rainbow Dash, and they confronted Discord once more. Despite Discord's confidence that they would be unable to defeat him, the Mane 6 managed to turn Discord to stone using the elements.


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