Doctor Doom
Doctor Doom Portrait Art

Full Name

Victor von Doom


Doctor Doom, The Master, Invincible Man, Great Destroyer, The Damned, Destroyer of Worlds


Conquer the whole universe


Redeems himself

Rivals... No one rivals Doom! NO ONE! Doom is supreme! There is no power on earth, no intellect in all creation equal to Mine!
~ Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom (real name: Victor Von Doom) is a supervillain in the Fantastic Four metaseries and is the archnemesis of Reed Richards.

He is Stan Lee's personal favorite Marvel supervillain and is considered the most intelligent, out of all the villains in the Marvel Universe.


Victor was born in a Romani camp outside Latveria, conceived by Cynthia and Werner von Doom. His mother was killed in a bargain with the demon Mephisto gone wrong, and his father perished soon afterwards, having fled with a young Victor on a cold winter's night. A young Victor strived to increase his intelligence and power, and enrolled in a university, where he met Reed Richards and Ben Grimm. While developing a machine that he hoped could be used to save his mother's soul from Mephisto's clutches, Victor was scarred when the machine exploded. His unethical experiments led to his expulsion, something that he blamed on Reed Richards.

After his humiliation, Victor crafted a suit of armor with the assistance of a village of monks, and returned to his homeland, taking over and making himself king. He has thus used his resources to attempt global domination, bringing him into conflict with many superheroes. On his quest for power, Doctor Doom would come into conflict with Reed Richards once more, along with his team, the Fantastic Four. Doctor Doom would soon became the arch-enemy of the group. 

At one point, Doctor Doom stole the Silver Surfer's powers and surfboard, becoming one of the most powerful beings on the planet. He defeated the Fantastic Four and wreaked havoc on the world, but was ultimately defeated, and the Surfer's powers and surfboard returned to him. Doom later managed to free his mother from Mephisto's clutches, with the assistance of Doctor Strange.

Emperor DoomEdit

Doom kidnapped Zebediah Killgrave, the Purple Man, and imprisoned him in a Psycho-Prism on Doom Island. Magnifying the Purple Man's will-sapping powers, Doctor Doom used his captive's powers to bend everyone on Earth to his will, including a number of superheroes. The Avenger Wonder Man was unaffected due to his unusual physiology, and was able to free the brainwashed superheroes from Doom's mental control. Upon being freed, the superheroes destroyed the Psycho-Prism, killing the Purple Man and freeing the world from Doom's control.


When Franklin Richards was abducted by Onslaught, Doctor Doom joined forces with the Fantastic Four, the Avengers and the X-Men to combat Onslaught. Though they managed to defeat Onslaught, they were presumed dead in the struggle. In reality, though, they were merely hidden away in a Counter-Earth created by Franklin to keep them safe. After a few months had passed, the heroes returned from Counter-Earth. However, Doom stayed behind and took over the world and relocated it to his original universe. Eventually, Doom was defeated and returned to the original Earth.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Doctor Doom is a powerful wielder of magic, having been introduced to the mystic arts by his mother. His magical abilities were enhanced by his training with Doctor Strange and travelling through time. These powers gave him such abilities as teleportation, dimensional travel, and hypnotism. 

Aside from his sorcery, Doctor Doom is also immensely intelligent, reknown a one of the brilliant mortals on the planet. His genius has allowed him to construct hundreds of devices, including a time machine. He has also frequently created robots called "Doombots", mechanical replicas of himself with an advanced AI. He is also skilled in martial arts, having been trained by monks. 


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