Doctor Facilier

Full Name

Doctor Facilier


Shadow Man


Rule New Orleans


Gets dragged into the voodoo world after Tiana broke his talisman

Doctor Facilier, also known as the Shadow Man, is the main antagonist of Disney's 2009 animated feature film The Princess and the Frog. He is a witch doctor who plans to rule New Orleans with help from the Shadow Demons. He is voiced by Keith David.


The Princess and the Frog

Dr. Facilier first appears striking a deal with a man who wishes to grow hair. However, Facilier promptly makes him grow hair over his entire body, horrifying civilians and amusing Facilier. Facilier, soon after, starts scheming for ways to become as wealthy as Eli "Big Daddy" La Bouff. Some time later, Facilier discovers that Prince Naveen and his valet Lawrence are arriving in town. Shortly after they arrive, Facilier lures them into his parlor, where he learns that Naveen yearns for money after his parents cut him off. So, he strikes Naveen a deal to give him "green" and his freedom. Naveen accepts, but Facilier instead transforms him into a frog.

While Naveen was imprisoned, Lawrence became an acquaintance to Facilier. Facilier bestowed upon Lawrence a trinket filled with Naveen's blood, transforming him into a Naveen lookalike. The plan was for Lawrence to marry Big Daddy's daughter Charlotte, and after their marriage, Facilier would murder Big Daddy and leave to fortune to Lawrence, and the two would split the money, though Facilier secretly plotted to cheat Lawrence and take most of it.

However, Naveen escaped captivity and, needing to kiss a princess to return to human form, asked a waitress named Tiara to kiss him, believing her to be a princess. However, she too was turned into a frog, and the two escaped into the forest. When Facilier learned of this, he asked his "friends on the other side" (a horde of shadow demons), to help him recapture Naveen, revealing his true plan to rule New Orleans and allow the shadow demons to take possession of the civilians souls. The shadow demons agreed and Facilier was given a legion of shadow demons, whom he ordered to capture Naveen.

The next day, the demons succeeded into recapturing Naveen, and Lawrence used Naveen's blood to refill the trinket, restoring his disguise. While Lawrence and Charlotte prepared to marry, Facilier waited, prepared to murder Big Daddy via a voodoo doll. However, Naveen briefly escapes and gives the trinket to a firefly named Ray, who in turn delivers it to Tiana. Ray then proceeds to fend off the shadow demons, but Facilier immediately steps on him, killing him. With Ray out of the way, Facilier and the shadow demons chased after Tiana.

The demons soon cornered her, prompting her to threaten to destroy the trinket. In response, Facilier returned Tiana to human form and offers a deal, asking her to return to trinket so she can open the restaurant she had dreamed of since she was a little girl. Tiana, however, denies his deal and attempts to destroy the talisman. However, Facilier's shadow grabs it and delivers it to Facilier, who transforms Tiana into a frog. However, Tiana obtains the talisman again and manages to destroy it, causing Facilier to panic. At that moment, the shadow demons turn on Facilier and drag him into the voodoo world as punishment for his failure.


  • Bruce Smith was the supervising animator for Dr. Facilier.
  • Dr. Facilier was nicknamed Shadow Man.


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