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Dogpound & Fishface
Dogpound & Fishface


Chris Bradford, Xever


Dogpound, Fishface


Bad\Neutral - Footclan - Purple Dragons - Shredder


Ninja Turtles (In Baxter's Gambit), Shredder (to a certian degree), each other (sometimes), Purple Dragons, Karai, Baxter Stockman (formerly)


Ninja Turtles, each other (sometimes) Splinter, April, Baxter Stockman, Karai (before kidnapping her), Kra'ang


Foot Clan, Baxter Stockman (formerly) Karai (posssibly)


Dogpound has strengh and Fishface has speed. they both have defense


TMNT 2012 series

Dogpound and Fishface are two of Shredders loyal henchman and leaders of the footclan (besides Dogpound also being the leader of The Purple Dragons).

they are secondary antagonists of TMNT 2012 despite being allies in the episode Baxter's Gambit.


Dogpound (left) and fishface (right)


Chris Bradford (Dogpound) and Xever (Fishface) before they mutation.

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