"Who Goes There?"
~ The Door's catchphrase

The Talking Door is a minor antagonist in The Wiggles Movie and the sole antagonist in the first Wiggles TV series. He was the door at Wigglehouse from December 1997 until January 1999.

Character Biography Edit

He was first seen in The Wiggles Movie, and later reappeared in the Wiggles first TV series.

He required people who entered (including The Wiggles themselves) to do "The Test" until the episode, Spooked Wiggles, and asked them the password in the movie. He was replaced with Flora Door, who was much nicer than him.

In The Wiggles Movie, he did not open on his hinges, but instead let people in by tearing off the front of Wigglehouse, but he later received a doorknob in TV series 1, so he could open on his hinges.

He is played by Paul Field.

Personality Edit

The Door is had a very unpleasant attitude with The Wiggles and their guests, and has a sarcastic tone. He dosen't even look or sound friendly, but his replacement does.

He is gruff, cruel, angry, arrogant and selfish.

Trivia Edit

  • Although he is a talking door, he had non-speaking roles in a few TV show episodes.
  • He appeared in most of the TV series episodes expect for Anthony's Friend, Foodman, Wiggly Opera and Funny Greg.
  • The Talking Door, Dorothy's voice and The Munchworm are the only antagonists in The Wiggles to appear in a TV show.
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