Dr. Mashirito (later Caramel Man 009 キャラメルマン009) is an evil scientist who is Senbei Norimaki's rival and the creator ofObotchaman. He is considered to be the main and most recurring antagonist of the Dr. Slump series.


Dr. Mashirito is an evil genius whose intelligence is equal, if not superior, to Senbei's. He is also quite perverted.


Beginning His Ambition

Dr. Mashirito starts his conquest for world domination when he builds his robotic suit Caramel Man 001. When he asks a magic mirror who the strongest robot in the world is, the mirror shows Arale Norimaki, making his goal to defeat her with Caramel Man 001. Mashirito travels with Caramel Man 001 to Penguin Village in order to fight with Arale. When he is easily overpowered, Mashirito gets out of Caramel Man 001 and takes Arale's glasses off to make her not see straight in hopes of beating her. He accidentally bumps into Senbei Norimaki while returning to his robotic suit, which takes him time, and then he finds out that Gatchan ate Caramel Man 001 before he could get back into it to defeat Arale.

Penguin Village Grand Prix

He makes a cameo in "The Biggest Bye'cha of All". He has the role of one of Cinderella's half-sisters in "Cinderella, the Musical". Dr. Mashirito is a contestant in the race organized in the "Penguin Gran Prix" chapters, using Caramel Man 002 as his vehicle.

Who's the Strongest in the World? Tournamen

Dr. Mashirito fully convets himself to a cyborg and becomes known as Caramel Man 008. When someone pointed out that he accidentally made two robots named Caramel Man 007, he has the eight crossed out with a small nine written next to it. He fights in the "Who's the Strongest in the World?" tournament and makes it to the final round to fight Arale. Furious from the beating Arale was giving him, Caramel Man 009 puts Arale to sleep (or unconscious) with a special ray gun he had stored in his body and blows her away. Obotchaman who watches from the sidelines becomes angry at the Caramel Man and decides to interfere.

While Caramel Man 009 is laughing with victory, Obotchaman put on a wig similar to Arale's hair and pretends to be her. The Caramel man is surprised to "Arale" again. Obotchaman defeats him with a N'cha Cannon blast.

when Obotchaman steps into the fight disguised as Arale and uses an N'cha Cannon on him, reducing his full cyborg Caramel Man 009 body to nothing but a bolt.

After Death

He makes an appearance as a ghost at the end of the series, witnessing the launching of Senbei's rocket and swearing that he will still take over the world one day. It is later revealed that he has a son called Dr. Mashirito Jr. in the one-shot Dr. Mashirito and Abale-chan, who creates an evil counterpart of Arale Norimaki called Abale.

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