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Doctor Octopus (Dr. Otto Gunther Octavius), also known as Doc Ock, Doc Octopus, and Superior Spider-Man is a fictional character, a supervillain that appears in comic books published by Marvel Comics since 1963. A highly intelligent mad scientist, Doctor Octopus is one of Spider-Man's greatest foes. He is typically portrayed as a stocky, myopic man who utilizes four powerful, mechanical appendages, and is obsessed with proving his own genius and destroying Spider-Man. In his first several appearances, Dr. Octopus' last name was spelled "Octavious." All stories since have spelled it "Octavius". Spider-Man has also nicknamed Octopus as Doc Ock.

In "Spider-Man: The Animated Series", Otto Octavius helped run a science summer camp where Ben Parker took a young Peter Parker. Octavius helped mentor Peter, who was like him and smart but picked on by the other children. Otto was working for the Hardy Foundation when he became desperate to finish his experiment. He created four mechanical tentacles that he could control with his mind. They went where he could not. He worked in a small basement when an accident bonded the arms to his body.

He took on the name Doctor Octopus.

He went to the Hardy estate to seek revenge against Anastasia Hardy. He kidnapped her daughter Felicia, who happened to be going out on a date with Peter.

J. Jonah Jameson went on J3 to appeal to Octavius to hear his demands. However, Jameson lost his temper angering Octopus. He demanded that Jameson personally deliver the money.

At the meeting place, Octopus took Jameson hostage. Spider-Man appeared and fought Octopus but lost. When Octopus contacted Anastasia again, he spoke to Peter. Remembering him from the days of science camp, Octopus agreed to let Peter deliver the money.

Peter arrived and the two began talking about science. However, when Octopus revealed his plans Peter became horrified. He threw Peter out.

Spider-Man then arrived and fought him. He trapped Octopus with a large magnet. However, the magnet activated a device that would kill Felicia and Jameson. Spider-Man saved them by releasing Octopus. Spider-Man then trapped Octopus again and quickly saved the two hostages.

Octopus was sent to prison, possibly Ryker's Island, where his arms were trapped in each of the room's four corners and he could only sit in the middle.

He later was broken out along with Mysterio, Chameleon, Scorpion, Shocker, and Rhino. They formed the Insidious Six under command of the Kingpin. They fought Spider-Man and beat him. Unmasking him, they found he was Peter. However, Octopus theorized that Spider-Man's poor performance meant that Peter was not really him. They captured Peter and Octopus faked being a medical doctor to fool his Aunt May. Peter led him to the real Spider-Man where he appeared and defeated them all.

He later created the Octobot to help him fight Spider-Man. He later found Spider-Man without any memory. He convinced the hero that he was Octopus' partner. However, a taxi driver and a terminally ill girl helped him get his memory back. Spider-Man then defeated him again.

Octopus later learned that Anastasia's husband was the infamous burglar known as the Cat. He tried to blackmail the Hardys, but was stopped by Kingpin. Kingpin had Octopus help kidnap Cat from S.H.I.E.L.D. They forced Cat to redevelop the super soldier serum that created Captain America. They turned Cat's daughter Felicia into Black Cat. However, Cat and Black Cat teamed up with Spider-Man and defeated them. Octopus once again joined the Insidious Six under the Kingpin. Their plan was to find the doomsday device developed by Red Skull during World War II. They traveled to Russia where Chameleon betrayed them, revealing himself to be Red Skull's son. He released his father, along with Captain America. They used the device on Red Skull's other son to create Electro. They were eventually stopped.

Octopus was one of the supervillains chosen by the Beyonder for the Secret Wars. His land was taken over by Doctor Doom for his New Latveria. He teamed up with Red Skull and Alistair Smythe to get it back. However, he was defeated by the superheroes. He was sent back to Earth with no memory of what happened.

In "Spectacular Spider-Man", Octavius conveys to his boss his concerns that Spider-Man may track Sandman and Rhino back to OsCorp, and particularly to himself. Osborn starts berating and belittling the overly timid and shy doctor, who pictures himself standing up to his verbally abusive employer. However, he doesn't have the nerve to act on his desire. Osborn orders him to keep running his experiments and "like a good 'Doctor Octopus.'" Octavius timidly asks him not to call him that. After Osborn leaves, Octavius resumes his work. He takes the safety key off and steps inside the experimentation chamber. While he is adjusting some machine with his mechanical arms, a shadowy figure approaches the console and puts the safety key back on and activates the generator. Octavius cries for help, claiming he had been compliant. The radiation fuses his mechanical arms with his spinal column as he yells in anguish.

A few moments later, Octavius is found by Osborn, Spider-Man and OsCorp technicians. As he wakes up, he remembers Osborn's early tirade and attacks him with his metal arms. At that point, Spider-Man intervenes and Octavius turns on him too, thinking he has tracked him down, as he suspected he would, and tried to kill him. Osborn tries to get through to Octavius, who retorts that Octavius was weak, and declares he is now Doctor Octopus. He knocks Spider-Man around and becomes enraged with his banter. Octopus remarks how tired Spider-Man is getting, while his mechanical arms never do. However, he postpones their fight when his harness starts beeping. Then he grabs a battery and takes off.

Doctor Octopus goes back to his apartment and vows that the world will grovel before his genius. But first he must kill Spider-Man, and for that he needs a permanent power source. He heads off to Tri-Corp and inquires a fellow scientist about the prototype long term power source he was working on, while employed there. Octopus breaks into the vault storing the battery, but Spider-Man snatches it first and runs away with it. Octopus chases after the webslinger and the two end up fighting on Coney Island. Octopus wreaks havoc with his arms, endangering everyone in the vicinity. He notices Spider-Man trying to save the bystanders and ensnares Liz Allen from the running crowd. He also realized that Spider-Man is stalling until his battery runs out of power, so he climbs to the top of a roller coaster and makes Spidey choose between Liz and the battery. Octopus grabs hold of the power pack, but when he removes the old one to replace it, his arms are shut down and Spider-Man takes this window of opportunity to knock him out.

Doctor Octopus is put in jail where he shares a cell with the Vulture. There, he starts devising a plan to get revenge on Spider-Man and decides to assemble a group of incarcerated villains to get it done. He stars sending letters to Electro, who was being treated at Ravencroft, and sways him to team up. After he is released, Octopus sets the prison break in motion. He had also Sandman and Rhino to be part of the plan, probably through the Vulture, who was working as a trustee. Doctor Octopus had also approached the Enforcers who arranged a getaway with Hammerhead. The escape rolls out as planned.

On the next day, Rhino goes on a rampage in Times Square, calling Spider-Man's attention. When he shows up donning the black suit, the rallied group of super villains makes and entrance and attacks the webslinger. In the ensuing fight Doctor Octopus assures Spider-Man that he won't defeat any of them the same way he did before. Spider-Man is eventually forced to retreat into the sewer and Doctor Octopus, Sandman, and Shocker chase after him.

After the search comes to naught, the Sinister Six go into a restaurant and celebrate to Spider-Man's upcoming defeat. But everyone starts squabbling over their personal goals, until Electro makes a stand to say that they must trust Doctor Octopus in order to get what they want. Doctor Octopus concludes that they must devise a scenario in which Spider-Man would be compelled to intervene. So, they take hostages in a bank near Central Park. The plan succeeds and Spider-Man appears only to be ambushed and quickly subdued. The group of villains had had a coin toss to decide who would deliver the coup de grâce, and since apparently Rhino had won, Doctor Octopus asks him whether he will crush his scull or impale him. Rhino goes for the impalement, but Spider-Man's suit fights on its own and breaks free from Doctor Octopus' grip.

A brawl ensues and Doctor Octopus remains mainly in the sidelines waiting for Spider-Man to wear himself out. After his allies have been defeated, Doctor Octopus advances, but he is unaware that Spider-Man was being controlled by the alien suit. As he notices that the suit can regenerate, Doctor Octopus expresses his interest in studying it and declares he will peel it away from the webslinger. But Doctor Octopus is swiftly knocked out. Little does he know how close Spider-Man was from impaling him with his own mechanical arm, hadn't Captain Stacy interfered.

Doctor Octopus is arrested and moved to Ravencroft for psychiatric rehabilitation. From the seclusion of hospital he starts building his own criminal empire. He devises a plan for world domination and takes the steps to set it to motion, all the while pretending redemption. So as to maintain the pretense, Doctor Octopus adopts the alias of the Master Planner and makes contact with Phineas Mason, aka The Tinkerer, and Quentin Beck, aka Mysterio. He enlists their services and sends Mysterio to steal assorted equipment from OsCorp and Tri-Corp. He also sends photos of Spider-Man to Sergei Kravinoff, so as to entice him to hunt down Spider-Man. After he fails, the Master Planner proposes he joins his team.

Sometime later, the Tinkerer informs the Master Planner that Spider-Man is close to jeopardize their operations, so he tells Tinkerer to round up Kraven, Rhino, Sandman, Mysterio, the Vulture, and Doctor Octopus as well. The latter was off course a device to throw off suspicion. During a therapy session at Ravencroft, just as Doctor Octopus is spurning and condemning his past criminal activities, Kraven bursts in to extricate him and Electro. Doctor Octopus recoils in fear and is abandoned behind.

When the super villains are assembled in his lair, the Master Planner expresses his disappointment at Doctor Octopus refusal to enroll his Sinister Seven. Regardless, he announces to his new Sinister Six that they will help him to usher in the era of the super criminal, after they dispose of Spider-Man. After the Times Square debacle, the Master Planner has employed a strategy consisting of dividing the group into teams of twos. However, this plan fails and the super villains are subdued one by one. The Master Planner has the Tinkerer extracting them. Later that evening, the news about the Sinister Six leave Doctor Octopus troubled. Just as Doctor Kafka tries to calm him, four metal arms break into the room and ensnare Octopus. He cries in despair, as he is hauled away.

Doctor Octopus arrives in his lair, where he is greeted by the Tinkerer, the Vulture, Electro. After explaining that he took on the alias of the Master Planner to throw off Spider-Man, he asks the Tinkerer if their plan is ready to begin, since he had sent his arms to extricate him. He is told that the apparatus he had assembled only needs calibration and testing. So, Doctor Octopus and the Vulture decide to try it and at the same time solving an old feud: killing Norman Osborn. He uses his contraption to activate the detonation countdown of the bombs strapped inside a building that Norman Osborn is supervising at that moment. They fail to kill Osborn, however, thanks to the intervention of Spider-Man. Nevertheless, the two are pleased with the successful testing.

At Doctor Octopus' behest, Toomes and Mason had successfully assembled a machine that connected Octopus' neurotransmitter microchip with every computer in the city, granting him full control over them as well as unlimited surveillance. Then he moves on to the next phase: gaining the same access on every computer in the world. For that, he needs the global portal codes stored at homeland's NY headquarters. However, those codes are kept in an isolated system, which he cannot access. He must enlist the unwilling help of Captain Stacy, so he goes after his daughter, Gwen. Doctor Octopus tracks her location through the GPS in her cell phone, and lures the police enforcers away. Then, he sets the traffic lights haywire, causing several car crashes. As the mob is distracted by the accidents, Electro stuns Gwen and the Vulture flies off with her.

When Gwen is under their custody, the Master Planner phones Captain Stacy and demands the homeland codes. Stacy protests that he does not have the clearance to attain the codes, but the Master Planner claims he can guide him through. Captain Stacy does everything as instructed, and just when he is about to give the Master Planner access to the codes, he demands to speak with Gwen. The Master Planner claims that she is resting, while in fact she has been knocked unconscious by Electro, but Captain Stacy is adamant to talk to her. Compelled to abide, the Master Planner retrieves Gwen Stacy and Electro with remote metallic arms, thus revealing his identity to Spider-Man. The webslinger deters him, so Doctor Octopus decides to take action personally .In the ensuing fight, Spider-Man destroys the server that filters the signals, making Doctor Octopus' connection too much to bear. He cuts off the connection and recoils to an escape pod, lamenting the loss of his plan. He bids Spider-Man goodbye after activating the self-destruction sequence.

Even though this plan failed, Doctor Octopus continued in the super criminal business. He would lend the services of his super villains in return for a fee, as he does with Sandman. When Silvio "Silvermane" Manfredi is due to get out of prison, a gang war starts to loom. So, every crime boss tries to get leverage over each other. Consequently, Doctor Octopus attends a private auction to bid on the specs that created Rhino, so as to mass produce an army of armored soldiers. When he loses the bid, he goes to Rhino and goads him to destroy the specs.

Later, Doctor Octopus is summoned to attend summit with the Big Man and Silvermane on Valentine's Day. While Silvermane thinks that a criminal empire should be ruled as a family and Tombstone claims it is a business, Doctor Octopus believes that it should be addressed like a science.The meeting comes to a naught when it becomes clear that none of the evolved parties had called that summit and Hammerhead instigates a fight between them. Doctor Octopus takes on Tombstone assuming he had betrayed him, but he then decides to take the opportunity to take Silvermane out as well. At that point, Spider-Man shows up and the four fight each other.

The ensuing fight extends to the exterior of the Metropolitan Opera House, attracting the attention of many eyewitnesses. Doctor Octopus declares that they can rule Manhattan together or divided, but first they must dispose of Spider-Man. However, the Big Man restrains him, so as to maintain his immaculate public image, and the fight between the four pursues. When Spider-Man disables Silvermane's armor, leaving him paralyzed, Doctor Octopus tries to chop him up but Spider-Man thwarts him. He swings a rock at Doctor Octopus, causing the floor to collapse underneath his feet. Doctor Octopus falls into the underground tunnel and pulls Tombstone and Spider-Man in. Doctor Octopus is swiftly subdued by Spider-Man who disables and coils his arms. Restrained, Doctor Octopus is hurled upwards and arrested, but it remains unknown weather he was sent back to prison or Ravencroft.

In "Ultimate Spider-Man", he was hired by Osborn to spy on Spider-Man and discover the source of his powers. Doc Ock cannot move or breathe without the high-tech Octo suit. Like a real octopus, Doc Ock is always hiding in the shadows, concealed in the cracks of his lab. Doc Ock's lab is under the Hudson River, with a secret tunnel that leads directly back to the OsCorp Tower.

In the "Spider-Man" movie trilogy, Dr. Otto Octavius had devoted his entire life to developing a fusion-based energy source. His work eventually led him to Oscorp, and Harry Osborn. He worked long and hard on his fusion device, which used tritium as its source. Harry also introduced him to Peter Parker, who was writing a paper on him for a class taught by Curt Connors, Octavius' friend. The scientist and science student shared the same aptitude and passion for science, and during Peter's interview of his science idol, the two formed a bond like mentor and student. When Octavius finally finished his fusion reactor for Oscorp, he prepared a demonstration, which Peter and Harry attended. He also unveiled his "smart arms" to assist in the demonstration. These four powerful mechanical arms were attached onto his spine, controlled through advanced artificial intelligence, and equipped to safely handle the fusion's magnetic hazzards. The experiment appeared to be a success at first, creating a small sun in the center of the reactor as the energy core. But the core soon became unstable, and threatened the safety of the staff and spectators. Because Octavius was too stubborn to turn off the machine, the experiment turned into a complete disaster, destroying the inhibitor chip keeping Octavius in control of his arms, causing the arms to become permanently attached to him, and killing his wife, Rosalie. Spider-Man arrived and unplugged the device before anyone else got hurt. Octavius was taken to the hospital, where the seemingly now sentient mechanical arms ransacked the operating room, and Octavius escaped afterwards.

J. Jonah Jameson gave him the name "Doctor Octopus", or "Doc Ock", and apparently declared him a criminal.

While taking refuge in an abandoned warehouse over the Hudson River, Ock reflected on his past mistake, but was swayed by his intelligent mechanical arms to finish the fusion experiment. Determined to magnify his dangerous machine and use it again, he robs a bank for funding. Spider-Man attempted to stop him, and almost succeeded, but Ock managed to escape and use the stolen money to rebuid a larger fusion reactor.

He then demanded more tritium from Harry Osborn, who was determined to take revenge on Spider-Man, and bargained it in exchange of Spider-Man's capture. By kidnapping Mary Jane Watson, Ock forced Peter Parker to "find" Spider-Man. After an extensive fight against Spider-Man, which culminated to the near destruction of a train full of people, Spider-Man successfully saved the passengers, but Ock successfully captured and delivered Spider-Man for the tritium.

He returned to his lair to activate his machine, but Spider-Man managed to pursue him and resumed the fight to save the captive Mary Jane. The magnified fusion once again became unstable, threatening the entire city. But when unplugging the reactor failed to stop the now self-sustaining sun, Spider-Man unmasked himself, revealing himself to be Ock's student. After appealing to Ock's "human side", and reminding him the responsibility of using his intelligence for the good of mankind, Octavius realised his mistake, and he voluntarily collapsed the platform, along with the reactor and sun, and sunk them into the river, stopping them from destroying the city, but at the cost of his life.


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