Professor Sebastian (Japanese: シラヌイ博士 Dr. Shiranui) is a member of Team Rocket who has appeared in several episodes of the Pokémon anime. His Japanese voice actor is Hidetoshi Nakamura and his English voice actor is Eric Stuart.

He appeared in The Legend of Thunder!, and later on in the main series during Talkin' 'Bout an Evolution and Rage of Innocence. He also appeared briefly in Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea.


Every occasion he is seen by the viewer, he remains calm and talks with a steady even tone. As he is only seen in moments of scientific importance and victory, it cannot be said if this demeanor carries over to every situation, or if this behavior has been modulated to the scientific environment and all business that stems from there on in.</span> Relationships with other members

He works with Tyson and gives commands to Hun and Attila. Tyson seems to hold at least his scientific mind in great regard. As Hun, Attila, and Tyson are of the same rank, Sebastian might work with agents of their rank often.

Arsenal and abilities

>He is in charge of a sizable crew of scientists, and they seem to work on a variety of things. He is known for the creation of the crystal system that traps Electric-type Pokémon with their own power and a beam that forces Pokémon to evolve.

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