Dragomon is a Sea Animal Digimon whose name is derived from the mythological Dagon and whose design is derived from the fictional Cthulhu and the mythological Umibōzu. It is an evil god Digimon called the "Depraved Monk of the Deep" (Sinful Priest of the Ocean Floor). It is thought to have evolved from a computer virus that would infect the computers aboard ships and the like, then knock their direction and course out of order. It bundles up its innumerable, multiplying tentacles, and takes on a humanoid appearance, but its natural shape is a strange evolution of a Mollusk Digimon. For its defeated opponents, it wears a rosary around its neck, and adopts a pose similar to mourning.[1] The DigiCode on its trident reads [1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8] (デジタルモンスタ Dejitaru Monsuta?, lit. "Digital Monster").

Digimon Adventure 02Edit

Dragomon is the rarely seen "Dark Undersea Master" of the Dark Ocean, served by the Scubamon who worship him. Though the Scubamon were enslaved by the Digimon Emperor and attempted to take Kari Kamiya upon her releasing them, they decided to return to their master. After Kari and T.K. Takaishi left for their world, Dragomon's shadowed form emerges from the Dark Ocean.

Role in UltimaEdit

In Ultima, Dragomon is a powerful Squid in service to the Organization.


Forbidden Trident: Throws its trident with tremendous physical strength.

Tentacle Flapping (無数の触手 Musū no Shokushu?, lit. "Innumerable Tentacles")

Thousand Whip

Tentacle Claw

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