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Wipe out the apes to save what is left of humanity


Detonates C-4 explosives, killing himself and destroying the tower

I'm saving the human race.
~ Dreyfus' last words

Dreyfus is the secondary antagonist of Dawn Planet of the Apes. He is a former police officer who became the leader of San Francisco's human colony in the aftermath of the Simian Flu Pandemic. 

He is portrayed by Gary Oldman.



Dreyfus served as a police officer in his past, eventually being promoted to Chief of Police. He also married a woman named Maddy, and had two sons. During the Simian Flu outbreak, Dreyfus briefly took on the role of mayor in the city, but eventually stepped down. His family later died of the Simian Flu, leaving him heartbroken, as well as bitter against the apes that were responsible for the outbreak. He eventually gathered the survivors of the pandemic and became the leader of the colony, along with a man named Malcolm. Together, the two sought to rebuild the society that they had lost.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Ten years after the outbreak, the city is faced with a loss of electricity, prompting Dreyfus to send Malcolm and his group to find a hydroelectric dam and reactivate it, hoping to restore power to the city. While travelling into the Muir Woods, Malcolm and his group discover a community of genetically evolved apes, led by the chimpanzee Caesar. The apes later arrive at the city and demands that the humans remain in the city and not enter their territory.

After calming the colony, Dreyfus converses with Malcolm, who convinces him to let him return to the ape village and reconcile with the apes, allowing them access to the dam. Dreyfus agrees, but warns him that if he is not back in three days, Dreyfus and his men will go to the woods and wipe out the apes. He also arms his men with weapons from a local armory to prepare for war with the apes if necessary. 

A few days later, after Malcolm's group, with help from the apes, manage to restart the dam and restore power to the city. The human colony celebrates this turn of events, and Dreyfus has his men try to make contact with any other survivors. However, the celebration is cut short when Dreyfus is informed that the apes, now being led by the bonobo Koba, have raided the armory and are preparing to attack the human colony. Dreyfus quickly assembles his army to defend the colony, reassuring the colony that they will be able to overpower the apes. However, in the battle that ensues, the apes' superior numbers overwhelm Dreyfus' army, and they manage to break through the gates and enter the building. Defeated, Dreyfus is forced to flee with some of his men while the apes take over the city and imprison the humans.

Despite his defeat, Dreyfus still persisted. He and his men, while underground, cotninued to try and make contact with other human survivors. Eventually, after reuniting with Malcolm, Dreyfus revealed that he had strapped C-4 detonators to the building in order to wipe out the apes. However, before he could do so, Malcolm held him and his men at gunpoint, explaining that Caesar was going to challenge Koba and regain control over the apes. Unconvinced, Dreyfus revealed that he had succeeded in making contact with a military base who were coming to fight the apes. With Malcolm distracted, Dreyfus seized the opportunity to grab the detonator and quickly detonated the explosives, killing him and his men and destroying the tower.

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