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Earth's Harvester Queen, Harvester Queen, Alien Queen


Destroy humanity and planet Earth, destroy the Resistance Military Center, and continue her campaign conquering and destroying new worlds for sport.


Her suit got destroyed, fatally wounding her and leaving her to bleed to death.

Earth's Harvester Queen is a member of the Harvester Queens caste of her race. Unlike the rest that harvest molten cores for their race' survival and advancement, this infamous member extracted molten cores solely to wipe out civilizations for her own pleasure. She attempted to do this to Earth to avenge the War of 1996, and to wipe out the human race for pleasure, but this goal was failed.

This queen was particularly vicious, vengeful, aggressive, malevolent, and diabolical, although whether or not all Harvester Queens shared these traits is unknown, but it's very unlikely. Due to her personality, abilities, and evil scheme, she is the main antagonist in Independence Day: Resurgence (2016).



For thousands of years, the Harvesters destroyed other civilizations and homeworlds under the command of Harvester Queens, mainly because they believed that this was their only way to survive, except for this one. Earth's Harvester Queen did it for her own pleasure, which the others probably didn't know about.

During the Events of the War of 1996

She would eventually send a Sub-Queen and a Supreme Commander, inside a Colony ship, to Earth, so her minions would inspect the planet before she gets there. However, they were stopped by humanity.


However, before their total defeat during the Congo Ground War, the Harvesters transmitted a message into space to warn the tyrannical Earth's Queen, which they did not know about, of their failure. Due to time being slower in space, the message reached Earth's Harvester Queen in July 2016 - exactly twenty years after the end of the War of 1996. 

After she received the distress signal from a City destroyer used by a Harvester attack force, which included a visualization of Thomas Whitmore's speech against the invaders, Earth's Harvester Queen learned that their mission failed when humanity successfully defeated the invasion. This prompted her to set out to continue her mission to find Earth in order to attack and eventually destroy it (even though she plotted it even before the War of 1996), and continue where the Harvesters failed in 1996: harvesting the planet's molten energy core.

She found the planet 20 years later, and immediately led her forces to Earth. ☀Luckily, like the War of 1996, humanity once again defeat the second invasion by killing the Earth's Harvester Queen.

War of 2016

After her Harvester Mothership lands on Earth, she commands the ship's pilot to activate the plasma drill, and he/she does so. Eventually, when a human squadron approach her Queen's Pod, she releases millions, if not billions, of Fighters, to attack them. Captain Dylan Hiller finds out that there are too many Harvesters protecting the Queen's Pod, so he and his bombers enter the Harvester Mothership on Earth. Thomas Whitmore then wakes up from his coma, and warns his daughter that Earth's Harvester Queen knows the bombers are approaching her ship. Patricia warns the ESD, but it is too late, and the Queen's Pod unleashes its electromagnetic pulse. The Harvester Mothership that the Queen's Pod is in soon unleashes its electromagnetic pulse, thus disrupting all satellite systems. Meanwhile, a Gunship targets the Cheyenne Bunker, where the presidential candidates and even the president herself are hiding. The candidates, including Reese Tanner, are killed, while President Lanford is taken to the Earth's Harvester Queen.

At the Pod, Earth's Harvester Queen asks Lanford about where the Sphere is. Lanford says that the Sphere's ship has landed on the Moon, but refuses to give out any more information. Suddenly, Earth's Harvester Queen detects the Sphere's location at Area 51, and kills President Lanford for pleasure. She puts on her bio-suit and pilots her Queen's Pod straight to Area 51 to get information about the Resistance Military Center's location, and then kill her as well. However, Thomas Whitmore enters the Pod inside a ESD Space Tug, filled with cold-fusion bombs. He then grants her "happy 4th of July", and detonates them all at once, destroying the Queen's ship and sacrificing his life. However, the Queen herself survives because of her impenetrable shield.

Emerging from the wreckage of her ship, the Queen first saw Levinson, his father, and a group of children, and enraged by the deception, began to chase them as they flee on a school bus. The Queen was then attacked by H-8 Global Defenders, led by Patricia Whitmore. The Queen's shield continues to protect her as she fend off the fighters until Whitmore manages to destroy it. Furious, the Earth's Harvester Queen brought down Whitmore's H-8 Global Defender, and was about to crush her, but was surprisingly assailed by Fighters piloted by Dylan Hiller, Rain Lao, Jake Morrison, and Charles Miller. But at the same time, Harvester soldiers managed to break into Area 51, and locate the Sphere. Informed by her drones, the Queen disengaged from her opponents, and telekinetically controlled her entire Fighter forces (including the Fighters commandeered by the ESD pilots) to form an encircling shield around her as she assaulted Area 51.

The Earth's Harvester Queen brutally forced her way through ESD defenders, and broke into the cell where the Sphere is being kept. Although having the Sphere literally in her grasp, the ESD pilots in the Fighters managed to break out of the Queen's control by overheating their fighters' engines, and opening fire on the now vulnerable Queen. Sustaining fatal wounds with her suit completely damaged, the Earth's Harvester Queen dies, and her body almost collapses on the school bus driven by Levinson and the children. With the Earth's Queen dead, Harvester forces immediately lose cohesion in which Fighters start falling from skies. The Harvester Mothership on Earth stops its drilling operation, and the ship's pilot drives it away from Earth to find a nicer Queen.

Behind the Scenes

  • In the novelization of Independence Day: Resurgence, it is explained that the Queen's shield was damaged by the cold fusion bomb blast, weakening it enough for Patricia Whitmore to eventually penetrate it.
    • Also, in the novelization, Earth's Harvester Queen, after being weakened, is killed by the school bus driven by David Levinson, ramming directly into her head. In the film, she bleeds to death from her weakspot being exploded.
  • The Queen's death while nearly toppling over the bus driven by David Levinson is very similar to Roland Emmerich's 1998 film, Godzilla, in which the titular monster, Zilla, is killed by jet fighters, and almost crushes the protagonists in the film.
  • Since the Earth's Harvester Queen was retroactively behind the events of the first film (the Harvester Supreme Commander being the Big Bad of the first film), she serves as the Greater Scope Villain of the first Independence Day film. Essentially, the Earth's Harvester Queen is the true mastermind behind the Harvesters in the films so far.
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