You idiots! You don't get it - I've won! It's over! You're milksuckers! You don't matter! In fact, in a few seconds, you won't even BE matter.
~ Edgar the Bug
Edger The Bug

Full Name



Edgar the Bug


Kill anyone who gets in his way.


Gets blown up; the other half of him gets shot.

Edgar the Bug is the main antagonist of Men In Black.

Men In Black

In the film, Edgar lands on Earth by flying saucer. He eventually crashes on the truck of Edgar, a mad farmer, who is killed, and his skin is stolen as was his shotgun. Edgar uses the human skin as a disguise while he searches for the Arquillian Galaxy. He rampages through New York City as a human, killing people and trashing everything and everyone in his way amonst them a pest control man, an Arquillian prince and his henchman as well as a repo man who almost towed the pest control van Edgar was hiding his space saucer.

Eventually, he found Rosenberg and killed him and got what he thought was the galaxy, but it was diamonds. He later finds that it's on the collar of Rosenberg's cat Orion and infiltrates the morgue to get it. He takes Dr. Laurel Weaver as a hostage and Agents K and J pursue him to a pair of spaceships, since his saucer was captured when Jay shot the van from the tow truck Edgar the bug obtained from the repo man. Dr. Weaver escapes but Edgar manages to get on one of the two working spaceships.

After the agents shoot his craft down, they hold him at gunpoint, but Edgar rips off his human disguise and reveals his true form. He eats the agents' guns and Kay purposely gets eaten as well. Jay is then able to distract him by stepping on cockroaches. He was defeated by Kay who blasts him from inside with his gun, but half of him was still alive and he was finished off by Dr. Weaver with J's gun, spattering the rest of him over K and J.


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