Eldes is a villain in the videogame Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness. He is a Cipher Admin. Eldes is seen early on in the game, but the protagonist does not fight him until near the end of the main storyline.

As well as being a Cipher Admin, Eldes serves as one of Greevil's two bodyguards, the other being Ardos. At the end of the game, it is revealed that Eldes is on of Greevil's two sons. Eldes eventually stops Greevil and Ardos from blowing up their base, as he realizes that would be immoral to the countless people and Pokémon who would be killed in the process.

Michael first battles Eldes on Citadark Isle, where he uses four Shadow Pokémon (Marowak, Lapras, Manectric and Salamence).

Eldes is not as evil as the other Cipher Admins. He questions Cipher's motives throughout the game. He also shows regret that when he first battles Michael, he is battling him as an enemy and not in the traditional way, to decide who the better trainer is.

Eldes appears one final time in the Orre Colosseum.

Eldes main goal is to battle Michael in a pokemon battle as a friend and wants to be his friend. Template:Pokemon Villains

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