Group: Mammal - Level: Rookie - Type: Data - Attack Techniques: Super Thunder Strike, Body Attack

Elecmon lives in and guards Primary Village on File Island. While good-natured at heart, he's quick to act and sometimes doesn't think things through. His powerful electric attack is sure to give opponents a charge!

T.K. and Patamon were the first to encounter Elecmon. After the kids were split up and sent to separate chunks of the shattered File Island by Devimon, T.K. and Patamon found themselves in Primary Village, where Patamon told T.K. about Digi-Eggs and Baby level Digimon. Elecmon was busy fishing in a stream a little ways away, and when he returned, he immediately saw T.K. and Patamon as intruders, and attacked them. Patamon and Elecmon fought, but T.K. made them stop, and suggested they have a tug-o-war instead. Patamon won, and Elecmon realised they weren't bad guys after all. He allowed them to stay in Primary Village (although the stay was cut short by the arrival of theBlack Gear-infected Leomon, the other kids coming to T.K.'s rescue, and the final battle with Devimon). Elecmon then helped the kids build a raft to take them to the continent of Server.

When the kids had to return to Earth to stop Myotismon's plans for conquest, the evil Dark Masters arose and conquered the DigiWorld, reformatting it into the massive Spiral Mountain. Primary Village was relocated to the mountain's peak, but was decimated and tainted with evil by the Dark Masters. No Digimon could be reborn there until the Dark Masters were defeated. Dissention in the ranks of theDigiDestined had resulted in the group splitting up, and Joe and Mimi came across Elecmon among the ruins of Primary Village. He agreed to help them, and aided them in battling the Vilemon, minions of the last Dark Master, Piedmon. After his defeat, the reunited kids were pulled into battle with Apocalymon, the DigiWorld's ultimate evil. Turning his Total Annihilation attack against him, they destroyed him, resulting the DigiWorld's restoration to normalcy. As the world began to reformat itself, a hail of Digi-Eggs rained down in Primary Village - all the Digimon who had died during the conflict were reborn to live life again. Elecmon would go on to care for them, to see to it that they grew up, and that the DigiWorld was repopulated.

Four years later, several other Elecmon were seen at different times. An Elecmon was seen being chased through a forest by the Digimon Emperor. It was captured, and fitted with a Dark Ring, and then forced to fight another Elecmon. Multiple Elecmon were seen being freed from the Emperor's dungeons in his fortress some time later.

Later on, when BlackWarGreymon was thundering his way through the DigiWorld, seeking a worthy opponent, an Elecmon was seen in a forest the dark Digimon was passing through with several Baby level Digimon. While this might seem to imply that this was the original Elecmon that the kids met during their first adventure, it does not make sense, as that Elecmon and his Baby Digimon live on File Island, and that scene did not take place there.

At least one of the unnamed French DigiDestined had an Elecmon for a partner. An Elecmon - possibly that DigiDestined's partner, possibly not - was seen when MaloMyotismon was infecting both Earth and DigiWorld with darkness.

Elecmon first appears in "DigiBaby Boom." His voice is supplied by Michael Sorich.

Name: From the word "electricity," in reference to his electric powers.

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