Elmer the Elder Elf is one of the main antagonists of the 2012 movie A Fairly Odd Christmas. He is a grouchy and mean elf. He is portayed by Tony Cox.


He is first seen giving the naughty list to Santa Claus and the rest of the elves. Later, after Timmy Turner accidentally hurts Santa Claus and gives him amnesia. He must journey to Elmer to get his name off the naughty in order to take his place. However when they get to Elmer it is revealed that he isn't evil at all, only grouchy and actually cares about the good and bad children of the world, but just doesn't show it. Timmy asks him to take his name off the naughty list. At first Elmer is sketchy, saying that Timmy doesn't take responsibility for the aftermath of the wishes he grants, but then decides to give him one more chance and takes his name off.

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