Emperor Zurg

Full Name





Kill Buzz Lightyear


Reforms and plays catch with alternate Buzz (Toy Story 2)
Gets donated to Sunnyside Daycare (Toy Story 3)

Emperor Zurg is an antagonist in Toy Story 2, a minor character in Toy Story 3, and the main antagonist of Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. He is the archenemy and father of Buzz Lightyear. He, Dark Laser and Darthenshmirtz are parodies on Darth Vader. He is Utility Belt Buzz's father.


Toy Story 2Edit

Emperor Zurg first appears in a video game Rex is playing. Rex, playing as Buzz Lightyear, attempts to defeat him, but Zurg destroys him with his ion blaster, ending the game, much to Rex's frustration.

Later in the film, when Buzz escapes Al's Toy Barn, he unintentionally releases a toy Zurg from his box. Zurg sees Buzz and follows him into Al's hotel with the intent of destroying him. Instead, however, he ends up confronting the "alternate" Utility Belt Buzz, who believes he is the real Buzz Lightyear. The two battle, but Zurg overpowers "alternate" Buzz and reveals he is Buzz's father, much to the shock of "alternate" Buzz. As Zurg prepares to hit Buzz with his ion blaster, Rex accidentally strikes Zurg with his tail, sending him plummeting down the elevator shaft. While Rex is overjoyed at finally defeating Zurg, "alternate" Buzz is saddened by the apparent death of his father.

However, it is revealed Zurg survived his fall, and appears to have made amends with "alternate" Buzz, as the two are shown playing catch with Zurg's ion blaster.

Toy Story 3Edit

Zurg appears during the credits of the film being donated into Sunnyside Daycare and being greeted by Stretch.


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