Group: Android - Level: Ultimate - Type: Vaccine - Attack Techniques: Lightning Blade, Gatling Attack

Andromon is equipped with radar target locks in his eye sockets, with which he can lock onto his targets and fire. He has twin missile launchers concealed under his chest plate. The kids met Andromon when they discovered a mysterious factory in the DigiWorld. Andromon had fallen victim to a Black Gear, and was in the process of chasing the kids when Izzy found the factory's power source and tapped his computer into it, allowing him access to the DigiWorld mainframe. Tentomon Digivolved to Kabuterimon and released Andromon from the Black Gear's thrall. When asked about the factory, which was powered by perpetual motion, Andromon admitted that even he didn't understand how it worked. The kids encountered Andromon again when they were battling the Dark Masters. Andromon was attempting to assemble an underground resistance force to fight Machinedramon, and aided the kids in battling him.

WarGreymon finished off the Dark Master, and Andromon accompanied 'Tai, Izzy, Sora', Kari and T.K. on their way to battle Piedmon. On the way, they were attacked by Piedmon's bodyguard,LadyDevimon. Andromon helped them fight her, and then Angewomon defeated her. Then, Piedmon emerged, and Tai and WarGreymon held him off, while Sora and T.K. were dispatched to find Matt. They succeeded, and also brought Joe back with them. Piedmon used his magic powers to transform Matt, Tai, WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon into key chains, and then Andromon duelled with the sinister clown, giving the kids time to escape. However, he lost, and was also transformed. When MagnaAngemon retrieved the key chains, he used his MagnaAntidote to restore Andromon and the others to normal. Andromon then helped the kids, and the small army of Digimon that Mimi had gathered, battle Piedmon's Vilemon. MagnaAngemon sucked them all into his Gate of Destiny, and Andromon and the other Digimon departed. However, the kids were soon attacked by Apocalymon, and following his defeat, Andromon appeared to congratulate the kids, and explain that the DigiWorld was being reformatted and restored to normalcy. Four years later, Andromon appeared again, under the control of one of the Digimon Emperor's Dark Rings. He attacked the DigiDestined in the city of theGardromon, but the Ring was not powerful enough to completely control him. Seeing Tai's goggles on Davis, and then seeing Kari, began to restore some of his memories, and then Tai's arrival, along with the power of Kari's D-3, freed Andromon from the Ring's control. He snapped it free from his neck, and used his Gatling Attack to destroy the Control Spire. He then began to free the Gardromon and said he would stay in the city to safeguard it. Andromon first appears in "Kabuterimon's Electro Shocker." His voice is supplied by Michael Sorich. Name: Derived from the English word, "android," meaning a robot with human form.

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