The Evil Greymon is a wild Greymon created by Etemon to battle Tai's Greymon. AppearanceThe Evil Greymon is a Champion Level Digimon that has the excate same appearance as the original Greymon, but has a stained stripe on his head and wears the Dark Network like a collar around his neck.Digimon Adventure 01Evil Greymon as he enters the stadiumEvil GreymonAndrew shileyAdded by Andrew shileyWhile the Digidestined were at the stadium, Etemon summoned the Evil Greymon to the stadium to battle Tai's Greymon. Tai's Greymon was no match for the Evil Greymon, but Gomamon rescued Tai's Greymon by distrtacting the Evil Greymon with fireworks. Just as the Evil Greymon was about to defeat Tai's Greymon, Tai's Greymon digivolved into SkullGreymon, and tossed the Evil Greymon into the huge monitor. Then SkullGreymon killed the Evil Greymon with his Dark Shot attack. This is also featured in the Digimon book entitled Mimi's Crest Of Sincerity.AttacksNova BlastGreat Horns AttackGrey ToothGreat ToothHorn ImpulseTail CrashFire Wall

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