Fighting Puppets are creations of Future Babidi in Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai - Another Road.OverviewFuture Perfect CellA Cell fighting puppetNeffyariousAdded by NeffyariousThose warriors are created from memories and given physical form. Several types of Fighting Puppets exist: Cell puppets, Frieza puppets, Android 18 puppets, and Goku puppets. The Cell puppets are normally in Perfect form but can take a Super Perfect form, and the Frieza puppets are normally in Frieza's final form but can go up to 100%. Each of the puppets has the same srength in their regular state but feature the techniques and transformations of their templates.Techniques and special abilitiesDeath Ball – Used by Frieza puppets.Kamehameha – Used by Goku/Cell puppets.Warp Kamehameha – Used by Cell puppets.High Speed Rush – Used by Android 18 puppets

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