You is not giant, you is like human bean!
~ Fleshlumpeater
Human *being* ..and yes, I is rather being like one of them than likes you!
..rargh.. then I kill you!
~ Fleshlumpeater

The Fleshlumpeater is the main antagonist in the book and film The BFG. He is the leader of a race of giants that tormented the BFG and would arrive in the human world during the night to eat humans, mainly children.

Like the other giants, the Fleshlumpeater regarded the BFG with contempt, due to his compassionate nature, and refusal to eat humans. However, unlike the other giants, the Fleshlumpeater seemed content to leave the BFG in peace unless really agitated. For example, the Fleshlumpeater accosted the BFG on his way to Dream Country, and merely frightened him with a few sinister words, before storming off, remarking "I'll let you go... this time."

At first the BFG was too frightened of the Fleshlumpeater and to stand up to the giants but in the end of the film he picks up the courage to send the army in to capture the giants - however Fleshlumper was not captured, having been absent from the scene, and arrived in a terrible rage. Smashing a jeep and threatening some soldiers but largely ignoring the humans as he loudly roared and stormed off to find the BFG.

Once Fleshlumpeater finds the BFG he is enraged that the BFG would betray his fellow giants and accuses him of not being a giant and being more like a "human bean" - when the BFG states he would rather be human than a monster like Fleshlumpeater, the giant states he shall kill the BFG and tosses him to the ground before attempting to crush him with a boulder, however he is distracted by Sophie's scream and chases after the girl with the intent of eating her.

Fleshlumpeater meets his match however when the BFG, badly injured but driven by a desire to save Sophie, blows magical-sand in Fleshlumpeater's eyes - making the giant have a horrible nightmare about Jack the Giant Killer and scaring him away. He and his evil brothers were then taken away to a prison where they would be fed nothing but disgusting "snozzcumbers" for the rest of their days.

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