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Freaks are antagonists in the games Crackdown and Crackdown 2. They are infected humans and, like zombies, attack normal humans and can number up to thousands.



Crackdown 2

These Freaks have been created by Catalina Thorne in revenge for being fired. They went wild and invaded Pacific City. The Freaks got attention from citizens when they started mauling people at night, but the attacks were blamed on wild animals. However, the truth couldn't get ignored and the press revealed that the attackers were Freaks, and would swarm the city at night. After a reporter was brutally killed by Reapers, the Peacekeepers were deployed to fight them. They trained by fighting captured Freaks, and were sent out in the city. The Peacekeepers accually fought the Cell terrorists, with the Freaks absent, hiding in dark areas. However, when afternoon came, Freaks were spotted crawling out of the sewers. The Peacekeepers had to battle groups of Freaks, but when the night came, swarms of Freaks were overrunning the city. Fortunately, when morning came, the Freaks retreated. However, they hadn't completely disappeared, and were actually in dark areas. The Freaks could be seen wandering in subways that people drived through, and would come out occasionally if humans were spotted. The Peacekeepers drove in to dispose of those Freaks, but soon, it was dark, and the other Freaks ovverran the city again, but ran off when it was morning, leaving the Peacekeepers to deal with Cell. The Freaks repeatedly attacked during the night, but were later killed by the beacon.

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