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Freed Sellzen is a recurring antagonist from High School DxD. he is voiced by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka in the Japanese version and Ben Philips in the dub.


Freed Sellzen is an exiled exorcist who only kills for his own desire. He kills Devils and humans who make contracts with Devils, claiming they are already stained to the extent beyond salvation. He is a wanted criminal at the Vatican. He does not believe in God from the start, as he only wanted to kill monsters. He is a battle-maniac, and prefers violence rather than logic. He is the most hated person to both exorcists and Devils. After being banished by the Orthodox Church, Freed sided with the Fallen Angels in Raynare's plot to steal Asia's Sacred Gear. When Issei, Yuuto and Koneko went to the abandoned Church to rescue Asia Argento, Freed reappeared in front of them, revealing that he was working under Raynare and battled the three of them before retreating after being at a disadvantage. After Raynare was defeated by Issei, Freed showed himself again with Raynare ordering him to save her but was rejected by Freed who then abandoned her and retreated after proclaiming that he would be the one to kill Issei.

Freed reappeared in Volume 3, this time as Kokabiel's underling after they stole three of the Excaliburs. When Issei, Koneko, Yuuto and Saji formed a temporary alliance with Xenovia and Irina Shidou to destroy the Excaliburs, Freed showed himself to them, wanting to test the power of Excalibur Rapidly before retreating with Valper Galilei as Irina, Xenovia, and Yuuto chased them. After Kokabiel fended off Irina, gravely injuring the girl, Freed was handed the four Excaliburs: Rapidly, Transparent, Nightmare, and Mimic by Kokabiel, prior to them being fused together. Freed then used the Fused Excalibur to battle Yuuto and Xenovia but ultimately lost after the revelation of Durandal and was cut down. His body was retrieved by Vali Lucifer along with Kokabiel and was kicked out by Azazel before he joined the Khaos Brigade.

During his time in the Khaos Brigade, Freed's body was modified into a Chimera and appeared in Volume 6 during Rias and Diodora's supposed Rating Game, devouring Diodora's two Knights and further reveals Diodora's past act on Asia, angering Issei and Yuuto before being cut down by Yuuto in a flash.


Freed has some similarities to Enshin. Both of them are lecherous misogynists with a habit of sticking their tongues out.


Freed appears

Freed's crazed personality

Freed was a psychopath and a battle maniac, he preferred violence over logic, spoke in a vulgar manner, and was somewhat insane. He killed monsters and Devils just for the sake of his own pleasure, and also had no qualms about murdering humans. Freed was also shown to be a pervert, as he once threatened to rape Asia for disobeying him and even asked Raynare to have sex with him in exchange for saving her from Rias.

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