Future Cooler is the alternate timeline counterpart of Cooler and an antagonist in the video game Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai - Another Road.Contents [show] BiographyFuture Cooler appears in one of the stories in which the Z Fighters go to the aid of Future Trunks in his struggle with Majin Buu. He allies himself with Babidi's forces and Future Broly when Future Babidi tries to find the Namekian Dragon Balls, but is defeated in the climactic final battle with the Z Fighters and is absorbed by Future Super Buu.TransformationsMetaCoolerShinBudokaiAnotherRoadA Meta-Cooler in Another RoadDB wizardAdded by DB wizardFinal formLike his alternate counterpart, Future Cooler manages to transform into a fifth form. He appears in this form to fight against the Z Fighters.Meta Cooler coreLike his alternate counterpart, this form is that what is the remains of Cooler after fusing with the Big Gete Star. He is covered in cables and metal parts. He is able to control Meta-Coolers.TriviaBecause all the Z Fighters from his timeline, except Future Trunks, were all killed by the Red Ribbon Androids, Future Cooler dies much later than his present counterpart.

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