Full Name

Gaston LeGume


Town Hero


Kill Beast and marry Belle


Falls off the Beast's castle to his death

It's over, Beast! Belle is MINE!
~ Gaston

Gaston Legume is the main antagonist of Disney's film Beauty and the Beast. He is the country bully and repeatedly tries to force Belle into marrying him. Gaston is voiced by Richard White.


Gaston first appears pursuing Belle, who he intends to marry. However, his sexist personality drives her away, leaving him disappointed. Nevertheless, he organises a wedding the next day without Belle's consent, and forces his way into her house and attempts to force her to marry him. However, Belle opens the door he has her pinned against and he ends up falling into a mud puddle, humiliating him. He leaves in fury, but not before knocking his friend LeFou into the puddle and vowing to make Belle his wife.

Later on, during the winter, Gaston is in a bar, depressed at Belle's rejection. However, the villagers cheer him up by singing a song about Gaston. At that moment, Belle's father Maurice enters the bar and claims Belle was kidnapped by a large beast. However, Gaston and the villagers refuse to believe Maurice and throw him out of the tavern. However, Gaston uses Maurice's seemingly ridiculous claim to his advantage and strikes a deal with the owner of the local asylum,Monsieur D'Arque, to have Maurice locked up to blackmail Belle to marry him.

However, Maurice leaves into the forest to retrieve Belle. The Beast releases Belle so she can get Maurice to safety, but when they return, LeFou and the villagers drag Maurice away to send him to the asylum. Gaston then claims he will clear the misunderstanding if she agrees to marry him, which she refuses. However, Belle proves the Beast's existence by using a magic mirror he gave to her. Gaston is initially shocked that Maurice was telling the truth, but soon grows furious that Belle prefers the Beast over him and convinces the villagers Beast is a threat and leads them to his castle to eliminate him, locking Belle and Maurice in a basement.

An angry mob led by Gaston attack the Beast's castle, but the castle servants defend it, leading to a violent battle between the mob and the servants. Gaston manages to bypass the battle and confronts the Beast alone. The Beast is initially too depressed to fight back, but regains the will to live when a freed Belle returns to the castle. The Beast overpowers Gaston and hangs him over the castle, leading him to beg for his life. The Beast initially is too furious to listen, but drops his anger and allows him the chance to leave and reunites with Belle. However, a furious Gaston stabs him with his knife, but loses his footing and falls off the castle to his death.

Other appearances

House of Mouse

Gaston appears as a recurring character in House of Mouse as a guest. A running gag throughout the show is for Gaston to declare, "No one [verbs] like Gaston!". In Mickey's House of Villains, Gaston is among the many villains to takeover Mickey's nightclub.


  • Gaston's death went through several different changes. In the earliest scripts, Gaston would be struck by Belle and fall off a cliff, breaking one of his legs. He would then be killed by a pack of wolves. However, this was scrapped due to the graphic nature of the scene.
  • Gaston's last name was originally going to be LeGume, though it is unknown if this is the case in the final version of the film.


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