Gavin is the main antagonist-turned-main character in Ice Age: Collision Course. He has two children, Roger and Gertie. He was voiced by Nick Offerman.


In Ice Age: Collision Course, Gavin, Gertie and Roger made a life of stealing eggs, with Roger reluctantly doing so. Later, they assisted in diverting an asteroid that would have struck the Earth.

Role in the film

He is first seen in the underground Dinosaur World, stealing an egg from a dinosaur along with his children, only to be stopped by Buck the weasel. Who manages fight all three of them and defeat them.

Later, after Buck goes to the surface and finds his friends-The Herd. They listen to their conversation and hear that an enormous meteor is going to crash on Earth and kill all life. After they leave, Gavin and his children decide to sabotage their attempts stop the meteor. Concluding that due to their ability to fly, they will be able to survive, whilst the mammals won't. Afterwards, they track down The Herd and attempts to kill them. Thankfully, Buck manages to lead The Herd to the forest and once again defeat Gavin and his children. They try to repeat their attack later during a storm, but end up getting electrocuted, sending all three of them parrelling towards the ground and into the trees, crashing into the ground!

During nighttime, Gavin orders his son Roger to kidnap Buck, but he accidentally takes Granny, Sid the sloth's grandmother. Gavin tries to eat her, but fails and Granny starts dragging around inside his abdomen. Gertie instead help Gavin barf up Granny and throws her off the ledge they were on, where she finds Geotopia.

Finally, The Herd realize that the reason the meteor is coming is because of a magnetic attraction between the remains of the previous meteors that crashed on Earth, so they try to fill a volcano with the remains in order to blast it off to space and pull the meteor away. Gavin, Roger and Gertie intervene by grabbing and throwing the largest part off the mountain. Gavin then orders Roger to kill Buck. However, Roger realizes that they will not be able to survive the meteor's crashing. So he finally stands up to his father and manages to talk him into helping The Herd. Suddenly, Gavin saws a giant meteor flies coming towards Roger and Gertie and bravely jumps in the way to protect them. The rock knocks them all to the ground. However none of them are hurt.

Afterwards, they were seen at Peaches and Julian's wedding, and were amongst those dancing to Brooke's song in the film.


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  • He is the third Ice Age antagonist that can fly.