General Cryptor is one of the two secondary antagonists of Season 3 of Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. He is voiced by Richard Newman.


The Art of the Silent Fist General Cryptor leads the attack on the Power Station, and makes fun of Min-Droid's small appearance, and gives him the nickname. Eventually, he encounters Zane and tells him to get a move on with the future. When the Power Station is destroyed, he is powered down with the rest of the nindroids.


Cryptor, along with Min-Droid, are reawakened by Electrocobrai in Ed and Edna's junkyard by Techno Wu. Min-Droid attacks their mobile home with a crane, and General Cryptor rises at one of the junkpiles. More nindroid reinforcements are brought by the Stranger, and Ed and Edna escape by bubble powered jetpacks, and Cryptor gets a bubble in his robotic eye and escapes with the Stranger, Techno Wu, and the other nindroids.

The Curse of the Golden Master

The ninja, in the serpentines' Stone Army Tomb, saw the nindroids leads an attack on the serpentines as they didn't know they were followed. But then when Skales Jr. was running to his mother, Cryptor trips him down mocking him that he's the future of the fearless serpentine, but when he was about to do something bad to him, he was kicked in the face by Kai as he was about to battle the four ninjas alone, he is taken down by Kai, Cole, Jay, and Zane, but soon overpowers them easily then leaves his Nindroids to finish them but when Cole discovered that they were powered by eels on their back, He vanished and the ninjas didn't noticed about his disappearance.

Enter the Digiverse

General Cryptor, Pythor, and Techno Wu break down Borg Tower to stop the ninja from erasing the Overlord, But before they were reaching to the top floor they battled against the civilians which they defeated them easily and starts to reach the top floor. Then when they were nearly closed to reach for the techno blades, Nya gived them a chance to surrender as Cryptor laughs and simply says cute then he, Pythor and Techno Wu along with the nindroids were going to battle her but then when her big samurai mech arrived and she was already inside and dressed in her Samurai X suit, Cryptor and his nindroids battle her while Pythor and Techno Wu decides to go for the techno blades for their advantage. Then when the Digital Overlord was destroyed, Pythor escaped, Techno Wu becames back to normal, Cryptor and his nindroids stopped battleling Nya as they realized that the ninja rebooted the system, meaning that Digital Overlord was destroyed and tells them to switch their power offline, and he looked forward to his second date with Nya as he and his nindroids were forced to retreat.

Codename: Arcturus

Cryptor tells to Pythor that his drones is questioning the existence of the Overlord, ever since the Ninja erased him. Pythor says that he's consumed at the moment but then Cryptor argues with him that he finds suspicious as if he and his nindroids finds out that if he's pretending that he's alive for only to use them he'll pay dearly. But then Pythor claims that the Dark Lord will appear when he wants to, and threatens to re-program Cryptor if he commands his Nindroids to attack.

Later, he is seen driving with Pythor and a few Nindroids to their spacecraft, Arcturus. Kai tries to put a stop to the villains, but gets occupied with battling Min-Droids and escaping from bombs. Pythor has spotted Kai, and chains him. The Ninja try to save their chained friend, but Nindroids battle them, including General Cryptor. He later gets on their ship, and travels into space; but the Ninja are with them.

The Void

General Cryptor commanded the rocket Arcturus, ordering his Nindroid Warriors to the controls of the rocket. Upon discovering that the Ninja were aboard, he ordered his minions out to get rid of them. After they failed, he demanded that they take the rocket into the comet's tail, in an effort to lose the Ninja. Eventually, they made it onto the comet, and Cryptor and the other Nindroids ventured to the Golden Weapons in their lunar rovers.

Soon, the Ninja once again encountered them, and Cryptor and his minions escaped on the lunar rovers, with the heroes and a swarm of extraterrestrial beetles on their tail. Three rovers were lost as they jump over a pit, with Cryptor using his Nindroids to try and hold the Ninja off. Eventually, they reached the rocket, but the Ninja thwarte their escape, and are soon stuck with the beetles, who are devouring the rocket. Cryptor and his robots use their jets to fly off of the comet along with the Golden Weapons back to Ninjago.

The Titanium Ninja

Cryptor is present at the transformation of the Overlord into the Golden Master, While they were in the manifactory line, Cryptor remained out of it as he has released Cyrus Borg so he can watch his city falls and bow to his new future master and mocks him that he's already have bowed down. Later, he is seen attacking Nya as they both begin to battle with their bare hands, Cryptor claims that she kicks like a little girl. In return, Nya throws continuous hits at the Nindroid, but he simply push her off with one hand in mere seconds, aware that she can't use her Samurai X robot. After throwing her on the wall and lift her leg in the air with one hand as she is upside down, they argue and when Nya see's Min-Droid he tricks him by saying that Min-Droid thinks he's an short of a hard drive and Cryptor begins to insult Min-Droid in front of her saying things like he've met toasters more intelligent then him. However, Min-Droid is present, carrying junk nearby, unbeknownst to Cryptor.

Min-droid taps his General on the shoulder, who turns around to find his minion punching him in the chest. A small fight ensues, but it is quickly ended once Zane defeats the Golden Master. Cryptor and Min-Droid are frozen in mid-battle, and shatter into pieces.

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