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General Hux


Obliterate the New Republic and to assert the First Order's power over the galaxy


Retreats from his base with Kylo Ren before the explosion

General Hux is the secondary antagonist in the 2015 space-opera film, Star Wars Epidode VII: The Force Awakens. He is the head and military leader of The First Order, is the commander in Star Killer Base, and is General Phasma's boss. Serving Supreme Leader Snoke, he is responsible for the entire war between the foes in the force, thus plotting to end the resistance for and convert the world to darkness.


He stole Finn, Kylo Ren and many other children from their houses, attempting to use them and force them to rebuild by empire, thus having full control on them through computers. However, plotting to use Kylo Ren as a weapon, he rebuilt the empire with a mega-weapon inside it. That mega weapon converted fire from the sun to other planets. Using Supreme Leader Snoke as his evil vessel, nothing could stop him.

Star Wars: The Force AwakensEdit

At first, Kylo Ren told him to show him the locations of Luke through the map, however, Hux disagreed, reminding his high rank amongst Snoke. informing Supreme Snoke that the weapon is almost ready, he has proven to him that Ren is no use at all. However, Ren manages to tell Snoke about the disturbance called the first order. Snoke then told him even he is no challange for them, hinting Hux is the only way. Hux then introduced his weapon to his stormtroopers, while his auditors were actually shown to control the stormtroopers, thus he (Hux) got them to find the location of the Resistance Base. When Hux got information, he prepared the machine on conditions of a 15 minute load and supreme strike. However, the resistance planned to deactivate all generators, in order to destroy Star Killer Base. Hux tried to shoot them, however, he has missed them all. Hux prepared for retreat, and plotted with Snoke to take Kylo Ren with him, so they can complete his training, and use him as a factor for rampage and control.


General Hux is a high-ranking yet ruthless fascistic commander who rules with an iron fist and does not hesitate in eliminating anyone in order to proceed with his agenda along with Snoke's orchestration.


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