General Mandible
GM Antz

Full Name



General Mandible, General


Wipe out the worker ants and rule a new colony made entirely of warrior ants


Killed upon landing on an upturned root

~ General Mandible's last words

General Mandible is the main antagonist of Antz. He is voiced by Gene Hackman.


General Mandible is an ant who serves as the leader of the Queen's army and Colonel Cutter's former boss. He is a war-hungry insect with little regard for the colony as a whole, which becomes evident when he ultimately betrays every ant, including the Queen but excluding his own army, by flooding the anthill in an attempt to "wash away the past".

He intends to marry Princess Bala, making her his queen and the mother of thousands of larval children, but she calls off the wedding and rejects him after becoming suspicious of his plans.

After successfully flooding the anthill, the would-be-dictator's scheme is foiled when Z, Princess Bala and the other ants form a ladder with their own bodies to escape from the rising waters. Mandible attempts to kill Z but ends up falling into the anthill before smashing into an upturned root, killing him on impact.


  • General Mandible is similar to Hopper from A Bug's Life: Both are trash-talkers to the ants and both are always angry at the ants and both films came out in 1998.
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