Almost a year ago, Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) lost her mother, who was raped and brutally murdered. Now, Sidney and the rest of the little town of Woodsboro once again find themselves under media scrutiny when an awful double murder is committed. Old wounds are reopened by a killer wearing a dark black cloak and scary white mask, a being some have referred to as "Ghostface." When Sidney Prescott is attacked, Sidney's boyfriend Billy (Skeet Ulrich) is the prime suspect. But when she receives a call from the killer while he's in jail, nobody knows what to think. Some begin to wonder if there's a connection between the recent events and the murder of Sidney's mother a year ago, including tabloid reporter Gail Weathers (Courtney Cox). But the people most affected by the killings are the school kids allowed to go home after school is cancelled, including Sidney's friends Tatum (Rose McGowan), Randy (Jamie Kennedy), and Billy's best friend Stu (Matthew Lillard). A big party is quickly planned. Ghostface decides to crash. Tatum and Gail's cameraman are both murdered. Local Deputy Dewey (David Arquette) takes a knife to the back. Randy gets shot. And after finally agreeing to have sex with her boyfriend, Sidney watches as Ghostface thrusts a knife into Billy's chest. Finally, a point is reached when the killer has to call an end to the night, though, and he reveals his true identity to our heroine: Stu and Billy! Not only had these two framed an innocent man, Cotton Weary, for the murder of Sidney's mom a year ago, but they planned to pin all of this year's killings on Sidney's Dad, whom they had kidnapped and stolen a cell phone from to perpetrate all their threatening phone calls. Was their motive a sick homage to their favorite horror movies? Billy did confess that "movies don't make psychos; movies make psychos more creative." Or were they embarassed by Sidney's mom and her promiscuous behavior, and decided to carry out their own judgment and execution? Or was the connection between Sidney's mother and Billy's father the reason he snapped? Ultimately, Ghostface became the victim of his own device, literally, as Sidney was able to slip away and hide from her prospective killers, and then taunt them with the very cell phone and voice changer they used. With a little help from Gail and Randy, Sidney would take out both killers. Their rampage was tragic, but, in the Scary Movie Department, certainly unpredictable. Upon additional viewings, you find yourself wondering just who is who when the Ghostface mask is put on, and how they pulled off everything they did. In the end, Ghostface's legend cuts deep into the very genre its killers loved: horror.

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