Ghoultar is one of the three secondary antagonists of Season 5 of Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. He is voiced by Paul Dobson.


The Temple on Haunted Hill

Morro freed Ghoultar from his banishment to the Cursed Realm along withBansha to aid him in deciphering the second clue to the location of the First Spinjitzu Master's tomb. Ghoultar admired his Scythe while the others talked, though when they brought up potentially taking things, he joined in the conversation. 

The three ghosts accompanied Morro to the Samurai X Cave in order to claim the mechs stored there. Before they could do so however, Nya ambushed them in the Samurai Mech, though the ghosts gained the upper hand as she couldn't physically hit them. She eventually ejected from the mech, leaving Ghoultar to possess it and turn it into the Mech-enstein. Chasing her and Ronin outside, they cornered them as Morro stood in theR.E.X.. Just as they were about to finish them off, it miraculously started to rain, and the ghosts flew away, taking the Samurai Mech, now possessed, with them.


Sometime later, Morro and the Ghost Masters made their way up the Wailing Alps in order to reach the Blind Man's Eye and get the Sword of Sanctuary. As they were moving close to the hanging temple, Morro sensed the Ninja coming, and, despite Bansha's efforts, they managed to get back up and cover more ground.

It didn't take long for Ghoultar to notice the Ninja and pull Zane's Mech up in order to begin the battle. As the Ninja and the other ghosts fought, everyone was interrupted by the incoming wind. Shortly after, the Ninja escaped, and Zane left the Titan Mech and Ghoultar to go plummeting and rolling down the mountain. Despite escaping the mess, Ronin trapped Ghoultar in a cage, much to the Scythe Master's surprise.

Kingdom Come

Ghoultar was captured and imprisoned behind deepstone bars in the Destiny's Bounty 2.0 where he was questioned by Wu, Nya, and Ronin, though he refused to say anything. After they left the ghost alone with Ronin, Ghoultar suggested he make good of the bounty hunter's deal he made of Soul Archer, though was quickly silenced.

The other three eventually returned and tried to make Ghoultar talk with puffy potstickers, though were interrupted when the Ninja returned from Cloud Kingdom in pursuit of Morro. In the rush, the left the prison keys close to the prison and Ghoultar escaped. After devouring the puffy potstickers left behind, Ghoultar made his way to the deck and attacked Nya. He was quickly knocked off the ship and landed on Morro's skiff but due to all the food he ate, Ghoultar unintentionally slowed the ship down. 

The Crooked Path

Ghoultar relocated to Stiix with Morro, Bansha, and Soul Archer where they ordered Ronin to steal the sword in exchange for lifting his curse. When the mercenary arrived with the sword, Ghoultar checked to make sure it was real before presenting it to Morro. He was then sent to the Caves of Despair where he created a trap for the Ninja. Unfortunately, they were able to escape and Jay sent the ghost back to the Cursed Realm using his Aeroblade.

Curse World - Part I

When Morro used the Realm Crystal to open the gateway, Ghoultar was able to return to Ninjago to help the ghosts prepare for The Preeminent's arrival. Later on, he attacked Cole on Wrayth's Chain Cycle and proceeded to trick the Ghost Ninja by leaving Wrayth's chain whip as a trap, causing Cole's Deepstone Bike to crash. Shortly afterwards, he was sucked into the Jay Walker One, but used his scythe to keep himself from being fully sucked in and freed himself and the other ghosts.

Curse World - Part II

After the Preeminent entered Ninjago, Ghoultar flew around Stiix, laughing triumphantly, and later helped attach parts of Stiix to his master. He was presumably killed following the Preeminent's death.

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