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Gideon Grey

Gideon Grey as a child

Gideon Grey is a minor antagonist, later a supporting protagonist in Zootopia.

He is Travis' sidekick and Bonnie and Stu Hopps' business partner.

Appearance Edit

Gideon is a red fox with blue eyes, a dark purple nose, large ears, auburn and a cream muzzle.

Personality Edit

When Gideon was a kid, he is mean, rude, violent, abusive, brutal and mocking.

However, when he grew up, he is respectful, kind,gentle, apologetic and was a lot nicer and apologies to Judy Hopps for bullying her when they were kids.

Trivia Edit

  • Gideon is one of the Disney characters to be voiced by the same voice actor as an adult and a child, another being Terk from Tarzan.

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