Goldgoyle is the final enemy in the Rangers in counter inPower Rangers: Turbo.

History Edit

Divatox's last and most powerful monster, who was hired as an outside source. He suceeded in his mission, which was to destroy the Turbo Megazord and Rescue Megazord. He was a giant monster, during his entire time on the show, even bigger than any of the rangers megazords, and was nicknamed "The Most Desctructive Monster in the Whole Universe". He lived up to his name, based on his destructive, mouth lasers, which he would use to destroy the Zords. He was also durible enough to withstand the self destruction of the Rescue Megazord pointblank without a scratch. Goldgoyle was destroyed when the Turbo Rangers launched their Turbo RAM Cannon, in self-destruct mode, into Goldgoyle's mouth, causing both of them to explode.

Trivia Edit

  • During the first few seconds of Goldgoyle's entrance, his Sentai counterpart, Reckleass Dash Emperor Exhaus can be seen. In Carranger Exhaust is the evil mastermind of the series, and his counterpart Goldgoyle is actually a 2nd "fighting form" he assumed. Exhaus was replaced by Divatox as the evil mastermind of US adaption.
  • Goldgoyle was the first monster to singlehandedly destroy every Megazord used by a Ranger group. While Rito Revolto did managed to destroy the Thunder Megazord and Tigerzord, he only did so with the aid of several other monsters. This status would remain unchallenged until Master Org destroyed all the Wild Zords in Wild Force (and even then, they didn't remain destroyed).
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