Goliad is an extremely powerful creature in Adventure time who serves as the main antagonist of the self-titled episode Goliad and as a minor one in Princess Cookie. She is voiced by Wendy Linehan.

Adventure time

She was introduced to Finn and Jake by Bubblegum who held her in a laboratory room in a pool of liquid, the liquid containing all the mixtures of her creation. Goliad greeted the two and repeated their names, indicating she was in the learning stage. An exhausted Bubblegum left Finn and Jake up to the task of teaching Goliad the ways of a ruler, to do this they took her to the Candy Kingdom Pre-School. While there, Goliad became convinced that the best way to lead was to control people with her psychic powers, because everyone did what she wanted, really fast, and with no mistakes. Later, she reasoned that she shouldn't care about the well-being of others because she was the strongest.

A panicked Finn and Jake raced to tell Bubblegum about Goliad's behavior. Fearing her creation was already corrupted, Bubblegum's plan was to dissemble Goliad. However, Goliad read Bubblegum's mind and rebelled. As she rampaged outside the castle, Finn and Jake volunteered to stop her, but Goliad's abilities proved to be overwhelming.

It took another sphinx, Goliad's brother Stormo, to put a stop to her rage. Both sit atop of the Candy Kingdom castle, locked in a psychic battle of the minds for all eternity.

She and Stormo make cameos in Princess Cookie, still locked in battle.

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