Gorigan is an antagonist in the videogame Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness. He is a Cipher Admin and the third one encountered in the game.

He runs the Cipher Key Lair, which is a large pyramid-like building where Shadow Pokémon are made en masse. He took all the Pokémon from the S.S. Libra, which was stolen by Cipher earlier, and has them turned into Shadow Pokémon. He becomes furious with Michael and battles him when he intrudes upon his inner sanctum. During this encounter, he carries a Shadow Hypno and a Shadow Primeape. After being defeated, he runs off, but later faces Michael again on Citadark Isle, but is defeated again, despite now having a Shadow Poliwrath and a Shadow Mr. Mime.

Gorigan's movement is based on apes; he often appears to be dragging his arms around and leaps around in a bizarre manner, even going so far as banging his chest with his fists in a gorilla-type fashion. Furthermore, many of his Pokémon are in the "Humanshape egg group", making Gorigan's ape-like movements seem similar to his Pokémon's movements.

He appears one more time in the Orre Colosseum. Upon defeat, he befriends Michael.

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