Green Goblin
Norman Osborn (Earth-616) from Thunderbolts Vol 1 120

Full Name

Norman Osborn


The Green Goblin, the Iron Patriot, the Goblin King


To kill Spider-Man and destroy everything he holds dear


Re-names himself the Goblin King

Take a look, Parker--a good, long look--it's the last face Spider-man will ever see--it's the real face of the Green Goblin--the face of Norman Osborn!
~ Green Goblin

Norman Osborn, also known as the Green Goblin, is one of the main antagonists of Spider-Man, and is generally acknowledged as Spider-Man's archenemy. He is the business owner of Oscorp and the father of Harry Osborn. In his achieves to achieve power, Norman took a serum that increased his physical capabilities, but also drove him to insanity, leading him to become the super-villain the Green Goblin.


As a child, Norman was abused by his father, a failed business inventor. He became obsessed with power, and resolved to achieve great success in his life. In his adolescence, he studied chemistry, electrical engineering, and business administration. He later formed a company called Osborn Chemical, also known as Oscorp, along with his professor and friend, Mendel Stromm. He married and had a son, Harold "Harry" Osborn. After his wife's death, Norman became consumed by his work and distanced himself from his son.

After having Stromm arrested to take full control over Oscorp, Norman took an experimental formula, which enhanced his physical abilities substantially. With his newfound power, Norman, inspired by his childhood fears of a green goblin monster, took on the moniker of the Green Goblin. Seeking to become a powerful crime lord, Norman set out to defeat Spider-Man to cement his power. 

Spider-Man and the Green Goblin engaged in several battles throughout their career. Though the Green Goblin was consistently faced with defeat, this only made him more determined. In time, Norman became obsessed with ruining his most hated foe. Eventually, Norman discovered Spider-Man's secret identity as Peter Parker. After the two found out the other's secret identities, Norman gained amnesia as a result of being electrocuted with electric wires drenched in chemicals.

After his battle with Spider-Man, the Green Goblin became a separate persona in Norman's mind. After regaining his memories, the Green Goblin persona attempted to take over Norman's mind and defeat Spider-Man once and for all. However, Norman snapped back to normal after Spider-Man showed him his son, hospitalized and extremely ill from drug abuse.

The Death of Gwen Stacy

Goblin and Gwen

The Green Goblin and Gwen Stacy

In an attempt to hurt Spider-Man, the Green Goblin kidnapped Peter's girlfriend, Gwen Stacy, and held her hostage at the top of a bridge. Despite Spider-Man's attempts to save her, Gwen Stacy was killed in the confrontation, whereas the Green Goblin escaped. Filled with grief, Spider-Man pursued the Green Goblin to his hideout and savagely beat him, stopping short of killing him. In an attempt to finally kill his nemesis, the Green Goblin remotely controlled his goblin glider to impale Spider-Man. However, Spider-Man sensed the attack and dodged, and the Green Goblin was impaled by his own glider, seemingly killing him. 

After the Green Goblin's apparent demise, several other people took on his identity, including his son, who became the Green Goblin II. 

The Return of Norman Osborn

Peter Parker Spider-Man Vol 2 45 Textless

The Green Goblin and Spider-Man

However, Norman Osborn wasn't truly gone. The formula that had enhanced his physical abilities also contained powerful regenerative abilities, allowing him to survive the impalement of his goblin glider. Escaping the morgue and replacing his body with that of a drifter he had murdered, Norman fled to Europe, where he joined the Brotherhood of the Scriers and ultimately took over as their leader. After Harry's death, Norman concocted a series of plans to finally defeat Spider-Man.

From the shadows, Norman manipuldated Professor Miles Warren as part of a plan to convince Peter Parker that he was, in fact, a clone and that Ben Reilly, the true clone, was the original. However, with Peter's current fiance, Mary Jane Watson, pregnant, he willingly relinquished his alter-ego to Ben Reilly. In response, Norman revealed himself to be the true mastermind of the plot and killed Ben, who turned out to be the true clone. He also poisoned Mary Jane into a premature labor and abducted her child.

The Green Goblin and Spider-Man engaged in several more battles with each other. In one encounter, Norman kidnapped Peter and subjected him to physical and mental torture in an attempt to make him his heir. Despite this, Peter refused to give in and managed to defeat his nemesis, but spared his life.

Eventually, Norman's secret identity was revealed to the public. To escape, Norman blew up his Oscorp office, but later turned himself over to the authorities. He later battled Spider-Man and Luke Cage, ending with his imprisonment.

While in prison, Norman masterminded the kidnapping of Aunt May in order to blackmail Spider-Man into releasing him. Peter agreed, but was then ambushed by an ensemble of his greatest enemies, assembled by Norman. However, Mary Jane contacted S.H.I.E.L.D., and they arrived to detain the villains. During the chaos, Norman kidnapped Mary Jane and took her to the George Washington Bridge in order to replicate Gwen Stacy's death. However, with some help from a drugged Doctor Octopus, Spider-Man managed to save Mary Jane and locate his aunt. 

Norman was later arrested by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and returned to jail under maximum security.

The Thunderbolts

Thunderbolts Vol 1 121 Textless

The Green Goblin as the director of the Thunderbolts

While imprisoned, Norman made a deal with a shadowy figure who gave him a serum that allowed him to override the controls of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s nano-machines. Donning the goblin outfit, Norman killed many Atlanteans, and then injured an Atlantean ambassador. He then became the director of the Thunderbolts, and given medication to stabilize him. Despite this, Norman remained unhinged and unbalanced. Later on, after Mephisto changed reality, Harry Osborn was brought back to life and nobody knew Spider-Man's secret identity.

Norman called down the Thunderbolts to New York to track down Spider-Man, and agreed to help mayoral candidate Randall Crowne when Peter Parker took photos indicting him of operating an illegal sweatshop. However, he was unable to find a way that Peter could contact Spider-Man. Later on, Norman was confronted by Lily Hollister, going under the name Menace, and the two fought, culminating in Menace sparing his life and criticizing him for focusing all his time and assets of destroying Spider-Man. 

After his fight with Spider-Man, Norman was forced to destroy his New York headquarters. However, he was still regarded as a hero to the public.


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