Gunter, who's name is later revealed to be Orgalorg, is a anti-hero-turned antagonist of the Cartoon Network show Adventure time. He serves as a reccuring villain/anti-hero of seasons 1-5, and as the true main antagonist of season 6. He is voiced by Tom Kenny in both forms.


Orgalorg was once the tyrannical ruler of the solar system who enjoyed destroying planets. And he always wanted more power. So he decided to absorb the power of the cataclyst comet in order to become almighty, however, the king of mars wanted to put an end to this, so he sent Glob Grod Grob Gob to stop him, he used his flaming sword to launch him into the nearest planet- Earth where he forgot everything, including his identity and the gravity caused his body to be compressed into a penguin body. After many decades, he found comfort in the home of the Ice King

In the show

In the show while he was still Gunter he always seemed to be attracted to objects of great power (due to his past) and take control over them.

His true form is first seen in Gold Stars, where he is in a crowd of monsters the Lich uses as hallucinations.

Later, in the episode Hoots, Gunther's dream form is shown creating a premonition dream (a dream that will happen in the future) featuring Princess Bubblegum's downfall.

Finally, this was all explained, after an accident, he finally started to remember who he was and already sent a warning message to his old planet.(Orgalorg episode)

After that, he “made a deal” (while being disguised as Mr. X) with the so called King of OOO in which he were to get him elected as the new ruler of the Candy Kingdom, so in return he were to get access to PB's rocket so he would secretly betray the criminal and go to outer space in order to try to repeat his original plan. However, Finn and Jake managed to follow him, but no matter what he still managed to swallow the comet, but before he can start his reign of terror Finn got into his stomach and managed to cut the vines that were holding the comet, this causes Orgalorg to be drained of his power once again, and once they took the rocket ship to get back home, Orgalorg grabbed on, however the journey through the Earth's atmosphere and gravity caused Orgalorg to once again be shaped into the penguin Gunter and most likely lost his memories again. (Hot diggity doom, The comet)

In the season 7 episode King's Ransom, Gunter, while being induced by the Ice Crown's magi-tech, flashes Orgalorg through his eyes for a quick moment.


In his true form he appears to be a massive, flat alien creature with yellow skin and eight eyes.


  • At first it seemed that Martin was the main villain of season 6, however Orgalorg had bigger plans than anyone and shifted this by becoming the true villain of season 6.
  • Jesse Moynihan revealed that Orgalorg was intended to be the villain for the abandoned Adventure Time television movie.
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