H.O.S.S, the Head Of Ship Security is a cold woman who serves as the main antagonist of the Nickelodeon 2015 movie One Crazy Cruise. She is played by Patricia Drake.

One Crazy Cruise

After getting on a cruise, a group of brothers and sisters take part in a show of a hypnotist, who hypnotizes them into doing various crazy things, including losing their father's priceless invention. They quickly set off to find out what happened and returns the tablet containing the invented program. However, soon Hoss comes and sets off to find evidence that they did something wrong in order to arrest them. A race starts, in which the kids try to beat the cruel officer. However, soon the officer get's photographic proof of the kid's un-intentional misdeeds. But Nate (one of the brothers) manages to defeat her and get the camera. After they succeed in helping their father, the kid's join in the after party. But Hoss doesn't give up so easily, she gives it one last try to bust the kid's. However, the hypnotist ( who also turns out to be the mascot of the cruise) reveals that he actually hypnotized the kid's in order to make them bond. And , knowing what would happen if Hoss finds them, decides to help them. He hypnotizes Hoss into thinking that she is a chicken. She is last seen clucking on the ship as the kid's laugh at her failure.


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