Hard Drive was a villain that appeared in the cartoon series "SWAT Kats". Contents[show]BiographyOnce technological thief who used stole from ATM machines. Until, he acquired a device called "Surge Coat" and gain a number of abilities to manipulate electricity and electronics. As Hard Drive, he is the ultimate hacker and amercenary by nature who worked for whoever paid him the most. OSurge CoatSurge CoatDino13Added by Dino13nce captured in prison, Dark Kat freed him and offer him revenge on the SWAT Kats. He stolen the Turbokat jet and trying to frame them of wrecking the city. After being exposed and the SWAT Kats defeated him again, he and Dark Kat are captured and sent to jail again.Hard Drive trapHard Drive trapDino13Added by Dino13Later, he went back to his old ways and stole a Enforcer tank named "Behemoth" and defeated again by the SWAT Kats again. PersonalityWith the Surge CoatHe is overconfident, crazy and mischievious, he likes electronics and stealing anything he can hack or gets his electric hands on. Hard Drive loves hacking computers and thrives for tasty informations, frying electronics and Hard Drive electric formHard Drive electric formDino13Added by Dino13causing power surges for the fun of it. Without his Surge CoatHard Drive electric surgeHard Drive electric surgeDino13Added by Dino13Without his coat, he is a cowardly, bitter and will surrender when corned or trapped.   Hard Drive Expand slideshow1 of 8Add photo TriviaHard Drive is based on Spider-Man's villain Electro. But, his suit is similar to Shocker. Another Spider-Man's villain, both wearing suit and producing electricity. His abillity to travel through electrical wires and cause power surges is similar Sparky from Stitch: The Movie.His voiced actor is Rob Paulson. Same voice for Bird Brain from T.U.F.F Puppy, Were-Doo, Steelbeak from Darkwing Duck, Rhomboid Vreedle from Ben 10 Alien Force, Ultimate Alien and Omniverse and Captain Kork from Ben 10: Omniverse. 

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