Group: Mythical Animal – Level: Armour – Type: Vaccine - Attack Techniques: Wind Seeker, Silent Symphony

When the screeching Harpymon Bio-Emerged into the real world, she was confronted by Renamon, who was trying to prove her own power alone.TakatoHenry and their Digimon soon arrived, but were kept out of the battle, until Rika finally showed up. Renamon pounded Harpymon down without Rika’s aid, but as she reflected on the purpose of it all, Harpymon awoke and blasted her with a Wind Seeker. As she tried to claw Renamon, Rika did the best she could, and stabbed her with a pointed stick, causing Harpymon to turn on her. Renamon became Kyubimon and quickly destroyed Harpymon with her Fox Tail Inferno attack, but did not absorb her data, realising that her bond with Rika was all she needed.

Harpymon appears in “Divided They Stand.” Her voice is supplied by Dorothy Elias-Fahn. Note that she is Hawkmon’s Armour form with the Digi-Egg of Light. Despite the fact that, by all rights, this should make Harpymon a male, she has a female appearance, a female voice and is named after a female creature. She is another fan-created Digimon turned official (which might well explain the gender confusion).

Name: From “harpy,” a screeching monster from Greek mythology with the face of a woman, the body of a vulture and sharp claws.

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