Gotham's District Attorney Harvey Dent (Tommy Lee Jones, not Billy Dee Williams) was merely doing his job when the mobster he was quentioning in court threw a container of acid in his face. Batman (Val Kilmer) was too late to save Dent from the horrific effects the mixture had on his face and, even worse, his mind. Dent emerged from it still alive, but half of him had completely changed. He was now of two minds on every decision, and the ghastly half of his body earned him the moniker of Two-Face. Two-Face trashed the city wherever he went, including an elaborate bank robbery that left the Statue of Liberty - and Batman - in shambles. He would also attack during the Circus, threatening the VIP's and every citizen inside with an explosive death. The Flying Graysons would save the day, but all but one would pay with their lives. Dick Grayson (Chris O'Donnell) would survive and vow revenge against the two-faced gangster. Soon, Two-Face would encounter The Riddler (Jim Carrey), a fellow no-goodnik with plans to rob Gotham and take down the city's Dark Knight. And Grayson would team up with Bruce Wayne to form the dynamic duo of Batman & Robin. The tag teams would do battle, leading to a big fight at Riddler's Techno Hideout of Death. Batman would dispatch the man in green, but Two-Face would be there ready for the kill. Batman outwitted Two-Face, using his lucky coin against him. Tossing the coin to decide Batman's fate, Two-Face would be surprised by a dozen other coins getting thrown by Batman into the mix. Two-Face would plunge to his death, bound to fate by his own scales of justice. Intelligent and swift in his judgments, Two-Face sought revenge and riches using the methods many of the defendants in his trials had used. Dent went well beyond the law and was finally taken down by those who uphold it. INTELLIGENCE - 7: This high-powered attorney became a highly-intelligent crime boss as well. POWER - 5: He could handle a gun and throw a punch, but his goons were better at it. VILENESS - 9: He terrorized Gotham, threatening everyone in his path. SWAY - 7: Two-Face loved to talk, probably a side effect of his former occupation. PURITY - 7: The criminal half of his personality was often in control, yet the law-abiding Harvey Dent still existed, bound by chance and his lucky coin. PHYSICAL - 8: Hey, half of him looks okay... WHOA! Look at the other half!

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