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Helga Von Guggen

Helga Von Guggen is an antagonist in Totally Spies!. She is a famed fashion designer but kidnaps people and turned them into animals to skin them and make money. She returned in Fashion faux pas to make clothes that are so tight they can kill. She became a member of the LAMOS in season 4. Her plan was foiled by the Spies who stopped her. She was voiced by Adrienne Barbeau, who also voiced Simone Lenoir.


Helga Von Guggen is a rogue fashion designer and one of the show's recurring villains. She has a bodyguard, Trode, to do her bidding. In the season 1 episode, "Wild Style", she masterminds the abduction of cruise ship passengers along with her assistant Troad where she makes a serum that transforms people into animal-like creatures in order to harvest their fur coats. When she clashes with the spy girls, she is infected by her own serum and transforms into a massive Chimaera-like monster, but is defeated and then captured. She returns in the season 2 episode "Fashion Faux Pas" where, having broken out of prison, she hatches a scheme where she creates a fashion line called Mystique whose clothing becomes popular, but in reality it will constrict its users to death when activated. She reappear in the season 4 as a member of LAMOS. In the episode "Evil Jerry", she is arrested, but escapes and returns in the double episode "Like, So Totally Not Spies" where she and the rest of LAMOS conspire against WOOHP by giving out bracelets that make the spy girls forget their spy history.

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