Full Name

Henry James Waternoose


Henry J. Waternoose, Mr. Waternoose, Waternoose, Sir (by Sulley and Mike)


To kidnap at least 1,000 children and make money off of it + silence anyone who gets in his way.


Welcomes Sulley and Mike to Monsters, Incorporated through a poster (Monsters University) Gets arrested by the CDA (Monsters, Inc.)

I'll kidnap a thousand children before I let this company die, and I'll silence anyone who GETS IN MY WAY!!!
~ Waternoose revealing his true nature to Sulley inside the stimulation room

Henry J. Waternoose, more commonly known as Mr. Waternoose or simply just Waternoose, is a minor-cameo character in Monsters University, and a supporting protagonist, later the hidden main antagonist of the 2001 Oscar-winning Disney/Pixar film, Monsters, Inc.. He was voiced by James Coburn right before he died in 2002.

Role in Monsters, Inc.

Mr. Waternoose is one of three owners, all cast down from lineage. He inherited the factory from his father when he was 142 years old, and turned it into the modern energy factory that appears at the beginning at the movie. Sulley, being the company's biggest "producer" and Waternoose's protégé, is asked to come down to the scare training room and show the new employees how scaring should be done.

Afterwards, Mr. Waternoose is told by Mike about Randall's plan and he pretends to offer help. Waternoose is really behind a plot to increase the dwindling scare production with Randall, the company's second-biggest producer and Waternoose's boss. Mr. Waternoose orders Randall to open a door to the human world and then he throws Sulley and Mike out into the door full of snow on purpose and shuts the door before Sulley can run back in.

Later, Randall puts Boo into the Scream Extractor. Mr. Waternoose then shouted at Randall that he got rid of someone who is twice as scary his boss will ever be. Randall growled at Waternoose, but carried on doing his plot with Waternoose still above him. when Sulley and Mike came to rescue Boo, Waternoose shouted at his henchmen to catch Sulley, Mike and Boo, and this time with out any witnesss.

After the defeat of Randall which turned off the power, Mr. Waternoose turned it back on and told the Child Detection Agency (CDA) to get ready to catch Boo and Sulley and Mike, whom he believed are responsible for the entire mess. Mike then threw on the CDA a sock, ran away, and told them about Waternoose's plot. Meanwhile, Mr. Waternoose was chasing after Sulley trying to catch Boo. Waternoose reveals that he was the bad guy in the story and that he made up the plot, not Randall. He said that he and Boo have seen to much of his plot and revealed that in his plan there is kidnaping 1,000 children and silencing anyone who gets into his way.

When he finally figures out that Sulley and Mike have Boo, Mr. Waternoose gets recorded and gets arrested by the CDA because he was really the criminal who started the whole mess. Many monsters were thought to have been fired until Sulley re-opened Monsters Inc. as a laughing company, fixing the energy crisis and proving Waternoose wrong.

Role in Monsters University

Waternoose is shown in a picture shaking hands with Mike and Sully. At that time, he had black hair and wore it in an afro.


Waternoose was originally kind and caring and he was friends with Sulley and considered him his best scarer. But when the energy crisis got worse, he became desperate.


  • Waternoose is an ally in the video game "Monsters Inc: Scare Island". However, this happened to further hide his true nature.
  • He is similar to Miles Axlerod, as both are evil businessmen who are very manipulative and try to convince others that they really aren't evil. Plus, both got arrested at the end of their films.
  • When Waternoose asked "How could this happen?", he meant, "How could Sulley, Mike, and Boo have figured this out?"
  • Originally, the poster where Waternoose invited Mike and Sulley to Monsters, Inc. was going to be an actual scene. The filmmakers later changed that into being just a poster.



Business Ethics Through Film Monsters Inc08:38

Business Ethics Through Film Monsters Inc.

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