Herb Overkill is the secondary antagonist of the 2015 film Minions
Herb Overkill transparent


Herb is first introduced by her wife Scarlet Overkill, showing his love and care for Scarlet and acts as a friend to the Minions by doing the same greeting that Stuart did earlier on. Later on Herb gives them special gear and (Bob: Stretch Suit, Kevin: a gun that shoots out lava and Stuart: Hypno Hat) to steal the crown jewels. He also reveals his ultimate weapon, which isn't finished yet. After they find out that Bob is the new king, Herb and Scarlet invade Buckingham Palace to take revenge. Later Scarlet locks the Minions in the dungeon leaving them with Herb (by his nickname Blerb so they don't know it was him) to torture them, but he got too carried away by the Minions' antics and plays with them instead. When Scarlet calls him, he leaves the dungeon, popping back in moments later to reveal it was him (which the Minions knew all along) and that he doesn't even know anyone named Blerb, apparantly convinced they fell for his ruse. After the Minions escape in an attempt to apologise to Scarlet, they almost crush her by accident with a chandelier. Herb and the other attending villains help move the object and see if Scarlet is alive, which she is. Still alive and very angry, they orders a big angry mob to kill the minions. Kevin goes back to Scarlet's house, gets in a machine that belongs to Herb that makes him a giant and saves Bob and Stuart from Scarlet and Herb. But when Scarlet tries to get awat with Herb, Kevin grabs them by super strength (despite that he's giant), and blows up with the rocket that Scarlet shot in his mouth and some how they survived the explosion. Herb and Scarlet steal the crown again and tryto get away but they are frozen by young Gru's Freeze Ray. Kevin, Stuart and Bob have found a new master and leave Herb and Scarlet behind after Bob puts his small crown in Scarlet's hand, it was unknown what happened to Herb at this point, he may have survived and is presumably in jail for his actions along with Scarlet. Herb appears in the credits as well as Scarlet Overkill, dancing with the rest of the characters.


Herb is a tall, skinny man with black hair, green eyes, and a short pointy nose just like Scarlet's. He wore a blue tuxedo jacket, a lavender dress shirt, a purple tie, black leather gloves, blue jeans, a black belt with a gold buckle, and white dress shoes.

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