Hubertus Von Horas is a cruel, ambitious, power-hungry man who serves as the main antagonist of season 1 of the german Disney Channel TV show Binny and the ghost. He is played by Stefan Weinert.


He was once a ship captain from a very long time ago, until he heard about seven magical clocks that each give it's owner special abilities and immortality, which would allow him to take over the world. This causes greed to blind him and to search for these watches. Until he found them at the ownership of the wealthy Zu Panke family. He offered them a chance as his second command. But they refused. Which caused something that is to this day said as an accident by Horas. But he already used the life giving watches so many times, making him even more desperate to find them

Season 1

During the beginning he already has three and has an idiotic assistant named Bodo. He watches over Binny and Melchior (The son of the Zu Panke's who was granted more life as a ghost because of Hubertus's actions) through a surveillance camera in his lair. After they find the fourth and fifth watch they attempt to steal it. But it is revealed that there is a spell that protects the watch from “watch hunters”. Angered by this, Hubertus decides to kidnap Binny's friend Luca for a trade. In the end he get's his watch that makes him younger by being controlled backwards, and even uses the ice watch to freeze Bodo, deciding that he is no longer needed. Binny, Melchior and Hubertus then face off in his lair,With him gaining the upper hand. However Bodo breaks free from the ice and demands that the children are spared. Hubertus tries to double-cross Bodo again, but this fails as Bodo decides to no longer put up with him and controls his life watch forward, which causes him to age until nothing is left but ashes. Binny, Melchior and Luca then leave with their watches. And so does Bodo, who decides to go after the watches himself.


  • Due to his over-usage of the watches, he is 300 years old.
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